Masaki Kurosaki is a quincy?

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I was little surprised about Ichigo's mother being a quincy. That kind of information is just too big to keep a secret for so long. It makes it ever harder to believe when you look at the past. In Ichigo's flashback of his mother's death it is said that Ichigo saw that little ghost girl by the river and Masaki couldn't see her, which is strange because if she is a quincy she should be able to see her too. Furthermore she died by a mere hollow, which means she is either very weak or she lost her powers just like Uryuu did.

We sure need more information about her in the future chapters. I believe Kubo was intentionally keeping Masaki's past a secret so he could fill it up whatever he feels like.

Overall this new information makes Ichigo a human who is half shinigami-half quincy that can use fullbring and hollow powers.

I can't wait for Ichigo to develope his Geass, his vectores (Elfen Lied) and his stand (JoJo's BA).

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Ichigo isn't human, he just half Shinigami and half quincy

It wasn't surprising for me (saw it coming). The reason why she didn't see the hollow is because she probably give her powers away (like Uryu did)

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I was only surprised that it took so long for Kubo to reveal it. I bet in a couple of chapters, Isshin will tell Ichigo that uryuu is his cousin. I can just see Kubo using that scenario.

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Ichigo and Ganju are cousins now. It's all one big happy family.

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@bigz007: So now all the people in SS that said Ichigo resembles Kaien has a definitive reason for saying so lol. Kubo had better give uryuu a decent role in this arc because he is the downplayed comrade at this point.

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@ChromeDisaster: Uryuu is "the last quincy", he must have something to do with this war. If not him then his father Ryuken for sure. I think those two will have a huge fight in some of the future chapters.

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@bigz007: I totally agree. We have seen so little of Ryuken's power throughout the series. Im pretty sure, like you said, he and Uryuu will have a big fight, or maybe even another training session.

Remember when Ichigo was fighting Quilge Opie? Quilge said Uryuu should be stronger than he his. Maybe Ryuken will teach Uryuu how to use Vollständig.

Plus Kubo can go ahead and confirm that it was Grimmjow that killed Quilge. I assume that Grimmjow has mastered Segunda Etapa if he could beat Quilge in one slice. That guy is too awesome!!

But as long as Kyoraku, Ukitake, and Urahara show their bankai, i would be happy with the series.

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@ChromeDisaster: And Zaraki's bankai too, don't forget that. I think he got his bankai with his fight against Unohana. He was already bankai level without bankai, imagine what would happen when he actually get his bankai.

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@bigz007: HOW COULD I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!??! Hopefully his bankai contributes to the insanity that is zaraki kenpachi lol

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