Is Bleach coming up on it's final chapter?

Topic started by Chemin on Feb. 1, 2012. Last post by SuperperfectCell 3 years, 1 month ago.
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Sancom put up a post on Bleach's supposedly "final chapter" recently. Does anyone believe in this? I highly doubt it. Bleach probably makes a ton of money, and considering the author wants to keep on going for several years more I think he does - if he can.

I personally think Bleach should've ended ages ago, probably just after the Soul Society arc even - to be honest. There have been a few decent moments, but overall it's been a real drag. And the new stuff after the Aizen arc is just pure ass. Anyone still enjoying Bleach a lot? Or are you guys pretty much done with it? Those of you who watch/read it, of course.

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No.  About a year ago or so, the mangaka was recorded saying the story in his head was only half done.
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@Turambar said:

No. About a year ago or so, the mangaka was recorded saying the story in his head was only half done.

As I mentioned, yes. The second link is about just that. Still, it's not totally impossible he changed his mind, but as I said; I HIGHLY doubt it. It's either the final chapter of an arc, or just a marketing thing. Writing "final chapter" on your book (or in reference to, rather) does imply an ending to something. We'll just have to see what he means by it.

*edit* Well, the final chapter could still mean it goes on for years of course. It's not like it says the upcoming issue is the final one.

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Yes. It's reportedly entering its final story arc. It could still go on for years depending on what the writer considers to be an arc. The Aizen storyline went on for a long ass time. I think he should give it a rest though. The Bleach manga has been pretty bad for years now and based off of filler arcs and the movies, the manga dude is like the worst person currently making stories set in the Bleach universe.

As long as the anime and films still get made, I wouldn't mind him hanging up his hat.

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I think that this may be the final story arc for Bleach after all. That's not to say that this will be the final story arc in the Bleach universe, or even the last bit of Ichigo's story. After all, after this particularly long arc, showing Ichigo's new powers and how he's grown since the series began, perhaps Kubo will end Bleach, then pick up soon after with a sequel to Bleach displaying Ichigo's new adventures as a Captain of Soul Society or something. Think a Bleach manga version of Naruto Shippuden, I guess.

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I would imagine this new arc to last about as long as the "Aizen arc" (since thats basicly what it was from the begining of the show)

I wonder what will become of Bleach when it ends.

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