Is bleach coming to an end?

Topic started by rein on July 31, 2010. Last post by rein 3 years, 10 months ago.
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Bleach doesn't come anywhere close to fitting the type of content that would fall under regulation.  Unless the bill is radically altered to include any sexual content, regardless of legality, or Bleach takes a radical shift in tone and turns into a incest, bestiality, rape or other type of intensely illegal sex manga/anime, it will not be banned.  That is my basis for saying Bleach will not be banned and it comes from translations of the actual bill provided by ANN and their source for the translation
LOL @ Power hungry ideals.  Now who's being immature and needs to grow up?
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5 post limit for new comers... whoever thought of that needs to be shot -_-. 
Anyway, back to where yesterday left off. 
I apologize for any spelling errors, tonight was wing night meaning lots of beer haha. 
I am extremely happy that you found such an article that states that, and by the looks of it it is fairly recent meaning not all the good anime and manga will be banned :D From the old source I found, it was so broad a law that I and many others felt it encorporated far too much anime and manga.
I'm sure that's the reason they revised the law as well, because people like me look at worst case scenario. But I do wish you had posted these quotes a little earlier in the debate, it would have probably ended a lot sooner. In all honesty I thought you were a person simply saying things because you believe them to be right... I've run into an extremely large amount of people like that on these sorts of websites and most of them turn out to actually be immature so I guess you could say I have become quite the biased person. 
But not gonna lie, Bleach could still be banned, after all, look at Rangiku, does that not scream sexual act haha xD.
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I don't think tat it's gnna end tat fast! (or I hope so) 
I 'read' that Ichigo defeats Aizen with tat final blow nd looses his shinigami powers. He then wakes up at the kurosaki clinic after a 1month sleep. Rukia comes in and she thanks him and says goodbye. Then she goes back to the soulsociety. After he lost his powers, he begins his like as a normal teenager BUT THEN one day he meets a mysterious man and in a fight he get his powers back! Yay =)
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1st Manga Restricted by the Tokyo Bill

So we have titles like, "My Wife is an Elementary School Student" and rape/incest manga. I'm looking for action shounen like Bleach but I don't see it. Maybe Bleach will be there in the second round, especially considering how much rape, child sex and incest is in Bleach...

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If they ban my Kiss x sis i'll be pissed.
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If they ban Nagima! before it finish, I'll fight them on the streets  
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The question is when will One Piece end
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@LuffyDUzumaki: 10 years from now..
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