Filler better than canon and the ultimate debate: Power vs Speed!

Topic started by Justice on July 8, 2011. Last post by Kurohige 3 years, 8 months ago.
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Recently while on Youtube, I came across some comments on Bleach's Reigai arc, people saying that this filler was better than what was currently going on in the manga. So I recently read the latest chapters of Bleach and I tihnk they are wrong, whats going on now is really intense, but this does not stop at the manga, the anime too. I agree that the overall animation for the filler is better than the canon, and this arc has a creative story, I just don't think it is much better than the canon manga, and even the anime canon has good animation sometimes. However the best example for great filler animation is Komamura vs soifon:   
  This is my favorite fight out of the series so far, however if you read the comments on this video, a huge debate is taking place between Shentaro and Daleron, Shentaro is arguing for Komamura while Daleron is arguing for Soifon, do you agree on this fight? I do, I think people view Komamura as the weakest captain and due to him not having a high fanbase people don't like when he wins against characters with a high fanbase like Soifon, this battle was Power vs Speed, I agree there were times where Soifon should have killed Komamura, but like Shentaro said in the comments there were times Komamura would have killed her as well. So if you would please answer the two question and readt the first two pages of comments and let me know what you think.
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Oh and I believe Shentaro is Kurohige.
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First of all, Soifon can't use her Bankai as easily as it was shown. And second, she could easily blitz Komamura but they were scripted to lose together so meh...
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Not really the only people she Blitzed was that Fraccion, I think she can tag Komamura, but not twice, Komamura is an experienced vet, he wont go donw because someone is faster, he has shown speed to keep up with people faster like when he blocked vizard Tousen from attacking Shinji, Komamura knows what Soifon's attack styles is and could likely one-shot her. Not to mention with even Shunko she should not even be able to hurt him with physical blows after what he has tanked.
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