Comic Accused of Bleach Plagiarism; Publishers & Tite Kubo Speak

Topic started by gia on Feb. 25, 2010. Last post by SamJaz 4 years, 7 months ago.
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I could give a flying rats rear how this effects VIZ. I'm more interested in how it effects Tite Kubo.
What makes it even worse is that not only does he copy the scenes. He even copies the dialog to go with the same shots. The shading styles are the same. It's one thing to be inspired by a scene from a comic/manga. It's a whole other matter to copy it so exactly.
Rather then call this title Incarnate they should rename it REincarnate.
Well, Nick Simmons. You are now the Greg Land of American style manga.
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Man I hate copy cats
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I think we may be jumping to conclusions too quickly.
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@Kurohige said:
"I think we may be jumping to conclusions too quickly. "

From the two images up there, I don't think so. Same facial expressions, same face(atleast for the blonde Orihime, Kenpachi's face has minor alterations, but thats about it), just slightly different hair(and I mean slightly) and completely different cloths. That and seemingly similair dialogue in some places. 
They are close enough to make a case for plagiarism imo.
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not sure if thats sarcasm but if you dont you might want to get your eyesight tested :P
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You know ... there are better manga he could have copied. :P 
But seriously, what a stupid, infantile thing to do.
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I don't see how this kid is getting away with this. When I first heard of this I was speechless. 
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Deviantart blocked his account.
But yeah. Guy's going down. I laugh how at first the guy claimed he'd never heard of Bleach, and asked why anyone would think he would rip off anything named after a detergent, but now he says that Kubo Tite is has inspiration and his favourite artist.
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