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Bleach is a franchise comprised of 7 movies, 1 anime series, 6 manga series
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Meninas McAllon

Meninas McAllon is a powerful member of the Sternritter, the elite fighting force of the Wandenreich, with the designation of P - "The Power"


Menis is an Arrancar who sides with Patros in his plan to dethrone Sōsuke Aizen.

Menoly Mallia

A female arrancar that serves Aizen.

Mera Hiuchigashima

Mera is the embodiment of a zanpakutō that was created by Oh-Etsu Nimaiya.


Metastacia was an experimental Hollow created by Sosuke Aizen when he was trying to perfect the process of Hollowfication. Metastacia is responsible for the murder of Kaien Shiba and his wife Miyako.


Michel was a Hollow created to destroy Karakura Town.

Michiru Ogawa

Michiru Ogawa is a citizen of Karakura Town and fellow classmate of Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime Inoue.


Mimihagi is a fallen Old God of the Soul Society, and was once the right arm of the Soul King.


Minazuki is the manifested spirit in Retsu Unohana's Zanpakutō. It is perhaps the most enigmatic of all the Zanpakutō spirits aside from Muramasa and the unmanifested entities within Kyōka Suigetsu and Ryūjin Jakka.

Misato Ochi

Misato Ochi is the overly-relaxed teacher of Karakura High School.

Miyako Shiba

Miyako Shiba was the 3rd Seat in the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, and the wife of Kaien Shiba.

Mizuho Asano

Keigo Asano older sister. She is very tough and is the 24th student body president of her grade at her School and evidently works to handle multiple school affairs, including the local Kendo Club. She also has a crush of Ikkaku Madarame.

Mizuiro Kojima

Mizuiro Kojima is more of a side character in Bleach. He is friends with Ichigo and everyone and likes to annoy/play around with Keigo Asano. He doesn't have any powers. Just an average human

Mock Arrancar

Mock Arrancar is an arrancar with cloaning ability.

Moe Shishigawara

Moe Shishigawara is the underling of Shūkurō Tsukishima and student from Miyashita Commercial High School.

Momo Hinamori

Momo Hinamori is the Lieutenant of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13, and childhood friend of Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Mr. Pork

Mr. Pork is a local gangster in Karakura Town who the Xcution used to aid in Ichigo's early Fullbring training.


Muramasa is the manifested spirit of a renegade Shinigami named Kouga's Zanpakutō. Muramasa has tapeworm-like abilities that allows him to control other Zanpakutō, Muramasa has since been forcibly cut off from Kouga and is being overtaken by a Hollow he recently forced to become a temporary host.

NaNaNa Najahkoop

a member of Vandenreich

Nakeem Grindina

Nakeem Grindina is the Catorce Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army, and one of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez's Fracción.

Nanao Ise

Nanao Ise is the Lieutenant of 8th Division in the Gotei 13, under Captain Shunsui Kyōraku.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Neliel Tu Oderschvank was the former 3rd Espada. After she was ambushed and attacked, her Hollow Mask was damaged and she was changed into a childish Hollow with no memories.

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu Kurotsuchi is the Lieutenant of 12th Division in the Gotei 13, and the created daughter of her captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Nirgge Parduoc

one of Barragan's six fracction

Nnoitra Gilga

Nnoitra Jiruga was the former Quinta Espada before his untimely death at the hands of Kenpachi Zaraki.

Nonomi Nomino

Nonomi is the assistant and Bodyguard of Royal Guard member Oh-Etsu Nimaiya.


A modified soul with the ability to go to another dimension.

Nozomi Kujo

Nozomi is a mysterious young woman who is being pursued by rouge Shinigami Kageroza Inaba.

Oh-Etsu Nimaiya

Oh-Etsu Nimaiya is a member of Zero Squad who is the creator of the zanpakuto.

Old Man Zangetsu

Old Man Zangetsu is the spiritual embodiment of Ichigo Kurosaki's Quincy powers and takes the form of Yhwach the Quincy king. He's been impersonating Zangetsu in order to restrain Ichigo's true powers.

Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue is a friend of Ichigo Kurosaki, and with the power of the Shun Shun Rikka, which is able to reject reality itself.


a member of Zero Squad

Ouko Yushima

Ouko Yushima is the creator of Reigai and Modified Souls.


Patros is an Arrancar who rebels against Sōsuke Aizen and plans to dethrone him.

Pepe Waccabrada

Pepe Waccabrada is the Stern Ritter L "The Love" rank of the Vandenreich.

Pernida Parnkgjas

Sternritter "C" - "The Compulsory"

Pesche Guatiche

A Member of Neliel Tu Oderschvank's Fraccion, along with Bilstin Dondochakka. one of the few "good" hollows.

Ran Tao

Ran Tao is the Shinigami researcher responsible for the creation of the Bounts.

Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto is a busty and lighthearted Soul Reaper, and she's the Lieutenant of the 10th Division from the Gotei 13.

Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai is the lieutenant of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 under captain Byakuya Kuchiki. Longtime friend of Rukia Kuchiki.

Retsu Unohana

Retsu Unohana is Captain of the 4th Division in the Gotei 13. She is gentle and polite. She helps both enemies and allies when they are injured after battles.

Rin Tsubokura

One of the members of the 12 Division science department.


Ririn is a modified soul created to track the Bounts. Since they no longer exist she helps out around Urahara's shop.

Riruka Dokugamine

Riruka Dokugamine is a human member of Xcution. She uses the Fullbring called Dollhouse.

Robert Accutrone

A old looking member of the Vandenreich's Stren Ritter

Rojuro Otoribashi

The former captain of the 3rd division but later retained his leadership after Aizen's defeat.


Roshi is the Jinchuriki of the Four-Tailed Monkey. He is defeated and captured by Kisame Hoshigaki

Royd Lloyd

Loyd Lloyd is a member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter force with the designation of "Y" - "The Yourself".


An Arrancar that is leader of the Exequias.

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is a prideful Soul Reaper (Shinigami) with a particularly beautiful sword. One fateful day, she temporarily transfers her powers to Ichigo to save his family. They have shared a special bond ever since.

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