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In the war with the Vandenreich, the balance must be maintained, and Jugram Haschwalth is the man that Yhwach has chosen keep it.

The Good

Pinball machines shiver at his presence.
Pinball machines shiver at his presence.

The artwork looks really good throughout the whole chapter, and it starts off with what had the potential to be a really tense standoff. Unfortunately, the half time whistle is blown for a peculiar reason. What follows pulls the rug out from under the reader of the previous weeks.

The Bad

I am both confused and disappointed by this panel.
I am both confused and disappointed by this panel.

It would seem in this grudge-fueled war of destruction. The only casualties have been from friendly fire. I have to say, this honestly irritates me on a rather profound level. Are you telling me that neither Hitsugayanor Soi Fon actually killed anyone with their bankai attacks? Cang Du was completely encased in ice and seemly didn't suffer a case freezer burn, and BG9 was struck with a missile that was three times his size and only took some superficial damage.

This just doesn't make any sense. Kubo's never been so timid about killing off his baddies. Just think about how many Arrancar were wiped out not long ago. Is it the fact the Quincies are human?

I can only surmise that this entire scene is designed as foreshadowing to some deeper scheme of the Vandenreich. This entire premise of "balance" must be for some purpose other than fair play. I can understand and appreciate that we don't have all the answers yet. I just wish Kubo had found another way of conveying that other than changing Hitsugaya and Soi Fon's victories into TKOs.

Verdict 2/5

Just think about the absurdity of this for a second. In this war that has been going on strong since September, not one named character has died from enemy hands. If the creator was looking to undermine some really awesome battles, he succeeded in that. I suppose I can only take solace in the fact that Cang Du won't be coming back from this fate... I think.

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Real weak Kubo.

If this is truly going to be the end of the series I want to see death and sacrifice. A war with neither is not a war at all. It's just a show, and not a very good one at that.

There better not be someone that comes in at the last minute and revives everyone back into happiness either (looking at you Kishimoto).

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I see where Kubo is going with this, it seem the Vandenreich want to destroy the balance. It will create a new world where the Dead and the Living share one world and the Quincies will be the new rulers. Remember, Quincies destroy souls, while Shinigami and Hollows recycle them. Also, they got hit by hollow fuse attacks and that is deadly to pure Quincies, they probably didn't have enough power to attack, so they retreat to be heal. The problem I have is that BG9 is a robot, it shouldn't be fearing death

So, I do have fate in Kubo will make this Arc to remember

Also, I digging Mask De Masculine. He bring back some good memories, for his voice will be Ultimate Warrior. I guessing S mean Strength

I really did enjoy this chapter, hope the next one don't disappoint

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@Destinyheroknight: Sorry for the late respondence, but...

I don't think BG9's a robot after this chapter, he might've just been acting like one for an act of intimidation, just a simple ruse to scare his enemies. Honestly, Kubo destroyed his character after this chapter but Cang Du instead received praised for his defiant stand against Hashbrowns and Yhwach.

Personally, I hope Cang Du lives because although his abilities are pretty generic, we didn't see his Vollstandig, and I wish to see him fight more... I hope BG9 also lives but I highly doubt he'll be redeemed after his bitchy cries for mercy.

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