Bleach anime supposedly ending at the end of March

Topic started by AgentJ on Feb. 23, 2012. Last post by sickVisionz 3 years ago.
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I'm just going to say this before I get into the actual story; this is a publicity stunt. They aren't actually going to end the Bleach anime. It IS going on hiatus it seems. It'll be back in a year or two as Bleach Shippuden or something to that effect when the manga has built up some headway.

But yeah, so the animated version of Bleach is going to be taking a little break from existing for a while, and the official word doesn't indicate a return. Which is probably for the better, lest it go on some filler run like some of its contemporaries. This break will align to the end of the current Fullbring Arc. Why they waited until now instead of doing it during the time skip is beyond me. That would have made so much more sense. It's even more shocking considering this break seems like it has been planned since before the arc started; If you watch the opening, they show the middle title cards of several past episodes, seemingly in tribute.

So for the fans of the animated version, get your fill before March 27th. It could be a couple years until we see Ichigo in all his animated glory again. And I'm totally okay with that. Because when it comes back, it'll hopefully have 15 whole minutes of new content each week.

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Shoot, now I have to read the boring manga

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I was wondering why they would wait to till to do it also. I had my fill of filler.
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Like I have pointed out before, I am only following Bleach for the sake of it at this point, and atm haven't even touched the recent arc (pre aizen end). The new that it was ending made me happy, As i fully thought the show has been going nowhere and fast for a couple of years now. Im sad to see it might just be an anime break to let the manga get some headstart and not an actuall ending....

seriouslly though, I don't want to take the piss but the writer could and imo should have had Aizen going after the "king" and all of that stuff hinted at in the original soul society arc and done some interesting stories there.... and then ended it...

This manga just doesn't have the longdevity as f.example One Piece where the author Oda planned out the whole timeline in advance.. It is just too in the moment plot vice and doesn't have a clear long-isghtedness story-vice...

God did i Love thes show pre bounto. (manga vice as well I flipping enjoyed the show up untill aizens escape)

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Bizzare that they didn't choose to do this at the time-skip, if it is a hiatus as OP suspects. Like OP, I highly doubt they'll end it altogether. That would be nuts with Kubo supposedly doing the last arc next. More likely they'll wait till that gets finished (or most way finished depending on how long it gets dragged out) and then just animate it all in one go, no filler. At least I hope that's their plan.

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Worst news of the year for me. Bleach is one of the shows I always look forward to even when it's in a rut. If it really is over here, I hope they at least end this arc on a filler quality fight. The animation and fights haven't been pretty poor so far, especially compared to stuff like Kouga vs Byakuya and pretty much any fight involving Kageroza.

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