Beginner's Guide to Bleach

Topic started by GodLen on May 21, 2010. Last post by ethan 4 years, 5 months ago.
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@AgentJ: Yeah i definitely agree, and should of been stated better. I almost always recommend the manga over the anime.  Better yet, read and watch them both 
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that whole bount story killed the bleach anime for me...i ended up just converting to the manga. once i heard that it wasn't a part of it.
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This show was good until he went to soul society. Than it got fucking BOORRRING.
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I watched the Lurichiyo (Rurichiyo?) stories (168-189 & 204-205) and didn't mind them.  The problem is that they seem to take place concurrently with the main story but they still involve all the main characters.  It's like some parallel universe storyline.  So, I chose to treat them like movies in that they take place somewhere but not specifically anywhere.  Maybe I am wrong in thinking this way, but that's how I got through them and the reason why I enjoyed them.  Oh, they aren't as compelling as the main plot, but they aren't as bad as some folks say.   
I'm not current with my viewing though.  I paused watching at around 210-220 when another side-story was previewed.  I'll pick it up again later this year.  I like the show but don't hold it in as high regard as One Piece or Naruto Shippuden as far as long running series go.  I think it shares a lot of similarities to Naruto and Dragon Ball actually and there is nothing wrong with that, however I kind of wish some fights lasted fewer episodes. 
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@Brenderous said:
" This show was good until he went to soul society. Than it got fucking BOORRRING. "
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