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Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion is an anime movie in the Bleach Franchise
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Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion Review

Rating: TV-14  
Length: 93 min

So recently I watched "Bleach: The diamond dust rebellion" on adult swin  not too long ago as I have been wanting to see this movie but had missed it the times they showed it before. So being exited to finally be able to see a good Bleach movie (Or so I thougt) with a dark story as one of the captains had "Betrayed" the soul society via attacking other sould reapers and stealing a artifact called Owein (King's seal) So I tuned in to see it, once it got to the middle I dropped about 80% of my exspectations. Why? Well tune in to the rest of the review to find out. 

 So the movie waste no time getting to the point or action as we open up to a royal family carrying the owein and all of sqaud 10 has been ordered to guard it, however about 3 minuets into the movie the men carrying the Owein are attacked by two Arrancars. After some casualties Toshiro and Rangiku stops them from doing anymore harm, after a little battle the two arrancars run away, Toshiro, while looking for the now missing Owein is attacked by a masked man, after a short fight Toshiro is able to catch a glimps of the man only to find out it was a close friend of his, of course Toshiro goes after him thus disobaying orders in the process and ultimatly given the situation Toshiro is wanted by the sould society for suspected theft of the Owein, and so the movie begins. 

The good


 This movie waste no time at all, I mean litteraly in the first three minuets of the movie the action begins with sword fights, explosions, super powers, death, everything  
 you would want out of a Bleach movie (Much better than the first movie's might I add) and then the plot turn into a sort of suspense feeling as you wonder "What did Toshiro do, who or what is he looking for!?"  They also did a great job with making sure EVERYONE appears and does something even if it is something small but everyone makes a cameo, not only that but the made a pretty good filler backstory.

The bad  

This is where I dropped a lot of my exspectations, I was thinking "Oh Toshiro betrayed all of the soul society and now they are out to kill him! Why did he do it, why!?" but to my dissapointment not even past the middle of the movie it turns out it was not him at all but an imposter with the same power. Okay there went all the hype that the trailers gave out, not only that but there were lots of useless character cameos as if the added characters for the sake of tem being there, Ichigo's usual group (Orihime,Uryu,and Chad) did just about nothing but drink tea for this movie and some only had about two lines in the entire movie anyway, but it is still better than some characters who appeared but had o dialog at all (being almost over 70% of the cast) at least they showed everybodt charge in to fight the last boss. And finally the ending, or at least how it happend, without giving away any spoilers, the masked man is someone important to Toshiro he lacks confidents in fighting and is keeping everything to himself, thus making everyone around him worry when he tells Ichigo about his reasons for being so independent in this situation as usual this problem is solved in the the way Ichigo and most shonen heros do to solve a problem with a friend. A simple punch to the face to teach them a lesson 
As usual another "friend" about to get pwned into shape
As usual another "friend" about to get pwned into shape

I mean really, not only that but once again Ichigo steals the show taking care of the hardwork leaving Toshiro with his last 15 minuest of screentime to has a little "fight" and talk. But I digress the overall ending was not bad it was actualy pretty decent I sure enjoyed it
Verdict 3/5 
While I did enjoy this movie all around, what threw it off for me was the fact that Toshiro was not the bad guy even though that is why I wanted to see the movie in the first place, not to see some filler bad guy who can do the same things as him and then for Ichigo to be the one to take him out (Sorta) not only the many pointles cameos for the characters were kinda uneeded as if just to say "Hey look im here!" However the action scenes were great like every Bleach movie should have and there was a somewhat interesting story with a decent satifying end. 

Favorite moment: The final action scene 
Least favorite moment: Finding out Toshiro was not behind the problem 
WTF moment: Two of the same zanpakuto? 
Favorite character in this movie: Kenpachi Zaraki
Now I just hope they make an episode and or movie starring Sajin Komamura. 
(My first review guys, I'll get better I promise.)
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