Special Review: Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Topic started by No_name_here on Aug. 17, 2010. Last post by Papasan 4 years, 7 months ago.
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 The title might sound like that of an alt rock record, but it really fit.
 The title might sound like that of an alt rock record, but it really fit.

So I checked the BLEACH movie, MEMORIES OF NOBODY, over the weekend - - just like I promised. As I’ve never watched an episode of BLEACH before, this is yet another case of me encountering cosplayers before encountering the characters themselves. Now I know what all those kids in black kominoes were fans of.   Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that MEMORIES OF NOBODY is accessible even to the novice. I want to stress that because this a model to follow, as opposed to ADVENT CHILDREN, which was utterly inaccessible (and truly boring) for me because I hadn’t played FINAL FANTASY VII.  

Maybe I’m just getting more savy when it comes to anime tropes, but I didn’t have any problem grasping what was going in this world of soul reapers. Sure, I was confused at first about a duplicate of Ichigo’s body dropping away from me or the teddy bear going inert when a bean was removed from its mouth… but all of that was explained within a few minutes. I was intrigued, not befuddled.  Actually, I’ll complement the writers on this for weaving exposition into the story in a way that wasn’t “top heavy” for the most part. Even when it was, they find ways to make it fun, like the whole whiteboard explanation of the Valley of Screams’ emergence. More importantly, MEMORIES OF NOBODY has a self-contained arc with a strong emotional thrust. I don't know if Ichigo's had other love interests before this (I'm sure he has,) but I was definitely feeling him getting into knots about this Senna girl. You really fall for her just like he is and subsequently feel some bittersweet pangs come the coda scene on the bridge.

Like I said, I didn’t know much about BLEACH before this aside from the fact that some American comics have ripped it off, but there were actually a lot commonalities I could grab onto. Specifically, the Soul Reapers reminded me of the Green Lantern Corps. You've got competing outfits operating in the same realms, each one's got a distinct color scheme and all the individual members have unique variations on the same power/gimmick. Simple. All I needed to know was these were the main characters' comrades.

I actually don’t have any questions about this, but you hardcore BLEACH fans can feel free to ask me what I thought of specific parts. I know that's always novel for seasoned viewers to hear. Anyway,  next up is movie #2 - - the DIAMOND DUST REBELLION.

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haven't seen it yet, but i might look into it after watching diamond dust rebellion last year.
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Glad you enjoyed it.  You haven't seen any of the episodes so it'll be interesting to read your opinions on Diamond Dust based off of the tone that Memories of Nobody sets.
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I watched Bleach: Memories of Nobody two nights ago....to me (and this is coming from a Bleach fan who is at Episode 91 in the Bount Arc) this movie was decent but the plot seemed to drag along at several points and it had a slight rushed feeling to it (kinda like how the end parts of the FullMetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa feels rushed compared to the rest of the film). Senna was a good character that the story introduced to the plot but the ending could have been seen a mile away (you knew what was going to happen before it ever did).
I would give it a 8/10 overall....and I shall watch Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion tomorrow.
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While everyone was watching this. I was enjoying Batman: Under the Red Hood. A damn good movie, then I watched the latest One Piece episode.
I've already seen this movie. The One Piece movies are better. FUNimation needs to release more of those. My favorites are One Piece Movie 4 & Movie 7 . I am seriously looking forward to Movie 10: Strong World.
I had never thought of the Soul Reapers as the Green Lantern Corp. That makes a lot of sense.
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Watch it subbed, the dub fucking sucks!
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@Seancar2010 said:
" Watch it subbed, the dub fucking sucks! "
Stop being a purist, I've only seen a few dubbed episodes but they were decently dubbed.
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Funny thing about anime movies is that they are typically separated from the main show. It helps a lot of people who aren't all caught up or not aware of the themes of the world enjoy the movie either way.
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first off, if you start watching bleach, stop when you first hear the word BOUNT, it's not worth it
second, you're right, the shinigami/soul reapers are a lot like the GLC, never thought of it like that before
and third, remember when all the guys showed up to help ichigo in the valley? and how there was that one guy with the eyepatch, crazy hair and the little pink haired girl on his shoulder? well that's Kenpachi, and he's a BADASS
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I really enjoyed the movie and think it's the best one out of the first two movies. I haven't seen the third yet so I can't compare it to that though.
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I don't care much for Bleach, but Memories of Nobody made me BAWL like a baby. 
I really liked it a lot! 
My Bleachtard daughter made me watch it, and I'm glad she did.
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