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Bleach: Fade to Black is an anime movie in the Bleach Franchise
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Bleach Fade to Black Review (Contains Spoilers) Reviewed by Chengy on Oct. 3, 2009. Chengy has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Bleach: Fade to Black. 10 out of 13 users recommend his reviews. 6 out of 8 users found this review helpful.
Well oh my god, I had been waiting for this film to be released in sub for god knows how long and damm it was worth it, this was truly one of the best film's i have ever seen, and definatly the best bleach movie out of the three, completly owning the last two. 
The story was very well written and so many moments of the film gave my brain and eyes orgasms lol. One of my favourite parts was when Kisuke Urahara appeared in his captain constume, that was just completly bad ass, especially when youroichi appears as well, the film had a very strong link to the Soul Society and Turn back the pendulum Arcs which were my two favourite so far, it felt like a direct sequal to the two of them.
Another part which i thought was amazing was the fight scene between the captain's including urahara and youroichi against the massive Hollow. That fight was just pure bad ass, i mean seeing all the captains release and fighting together at the same time, why doesnt this ever happen in the manga or anime? 
The final part i thought was amazing was how Kenpachi was sealed for the whole movie, i was like meh well it seems kenpachi wont have a big roll in this movie, then near the end just wow lmao, his eyepatch falls off and he goes mental, breaking out his prison and ripping the hollow of pieces, with yachiru giggling in the background was just so funny and brilliant.
The only problem i have with the film but i guess its with all films because they cant spoil anything in the manga and have to stay canon to the storyline is they cant reveal certain captain's true powers. So when most the captains are releasing Bankai's people like Shunsui, Ukitake, Yammamoto and Urahara dont really show much, just fighting with their shikai's and not even using their true shikai abilities (shown in manga).
Though i guess it was cool how urahara got a new shikai ability.
Overall i thought this movie was brilliant 5/5 stars from me, a must see for any Bleach fan. Now i just need a movie with the Vizard's in :p
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