BlazBlue Chimelical Complex Characters

BlazBlue Chimelical Complex is an manga series in the BlazBlue franchise
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A character in BlazBlue franchise.

Bang Shishigami

Bang is a surviving ninja from Ikaruga and out to get revenge on Jin Kisaragi for killing his master and leaving Bang with a perminant "X" shaped scar on his face

Carl Clover

He is one of the fighters of BlazBlue.

Celica A. Mercury

The younger sister of Nine and aunt of Kokone as well as the caretaker of Ragna, Jin, and Saya.


A character in BlazBlue franchise. One of the Six Heroes.He was originally Jin Kisaragi but after bonding to the suasnoo'h unit he became the atoner for his sins.


He's the main villain of BlazBlue.

Iron Tager

a character in BlazBlue


Izanami is the Goddess of Death and the true antagonist of BlazBlue who is the imperator Liberaous and the one who is possessing Saya

Jin Kisaragi

A Major in the NOL, and one of its elite commanding officers. Ragna's biological brother.


the daughter of Jubei and Nine a scientist cat girl


one of the surviving Murakumo Units.

Litchi Faye-Ling

Litchi Faye-Ling is a doctor from Orient Town and a character from Blazblue.

Makoto Nanaya

She is a former classmate of Jin,Tsubaki,Carl, and Noel from BlazBlue. A Beaskin Squirrel and a powerful fighter

Noel Vermillion

A character in BlazBlue franchise.


the youngest of the Murakumo Units and the most deranged of them


a witch formerly known as konoe Mercury also known as Nine of Six Heroes and now a brainwashed servant of Izanami

Platinum the Trinity

A character of the BlazBlue series and harbors the soul of Trinity Glassfield

Rachel Alucard

A vampire and the current head of the Alucard family.

Ragna the Bloodedge

The main protagonist of BlazBlue.

Relius Clover

the father of Carl and Hazama's partner


A character in BlazBlue franchise. Member of the Kaka tribe.

Tsubaki Yayoi

She is Jin Kisaragi's childhood friend and Noel and Makoto's classmate.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

the werwolf butler of Rachel Alucard

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