Negima! #20 - Blast From The Past

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 12/16/2008

Plot Summary

Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Vol.20 Blast From The Past

A blast from the past interrupts a trip to the beach litteraly, and her name is Anya. Negi's childhood friend complicates matters on the trip back to Wales then to the Magical World in search of the Thousand Master.



A list and general description of many of the most common Honorifics in the Japanese language.

A Word from the Author

Ken Akamatsu talks about Negi's childhood friend entering the story, and the premier of the live action series.

178th Period - Summer! Beach! Confession!?

Released from training. The Ala Alba club go to the beach for a day of fun and relaxation.

179th Period - She's the One for Negi!?

Relaxation and fun are interrupted by Negi's childhood friend, Anya Cocolova. She's come to Japan on an important mission.

180th Period - Explosion! Negi Wars

A sleepover party turns to battlefield when Negi's cuddling sleeping habit is leaked to the rest of the class.

181st Period - I Need to Tell You Something

Negi has a lot to tell. Surrounded by buxom girls, trained by the Dark Master, Evangeline; and a Pactio with seven girls.

182nd Period - Negi Party, All Ready!

The day of the trip is arriving. Just enough time to pack and get a little extra training.

183rd Period - Full of Memories

A summer full of memories for the Ala Alba and class 3-A.

Chisame and Haruna have Negi at a comic convention.

Sayo's new body.

Anya's plot against large breasts at the pool.

Makie's gymnastic finals.

Mana and Kaede's final movie ticket match.

Evangeline's tea with Ku:nel

184th Period - Negi Party Departs to London!!

From London to Wales much of class 3-A visits Negi's childhood home.

185th Period - Starting Points for the Future!!

Starting at a point of tragedy, the Ala Albra team get ready for the trip to the Magical World, but are unexpectedly followed.

186th Period - Welcome to Another World!!

The wonders of the Magical World are opened to Negi's friends and Partners for the first time, but stow-aways and an a deadly foe ruin the pleasantries of the moment.

Fan Art Corner

Four pages of fan drawn postcards and letters.

Itinerary for Britain

Images of London and the rest of Britain that were used as models for the backgrounds in this volume.

3D Backgrounds Explanation Corner

Discussion and explanation of the 3D models used in the background of the series

This Volume:

  • Japanese Room
  • Great Room
  • Catacomb at the School
  • Circular Staircase
  • Gateport Exterior
  • Immigration Gate
  • Magic Towers

Cover Concept Sketches

The concept sketches and notes for both the front and back covers.

Back Cover: Sakurako Shina

Translation Notes

If there is something that requires alterations or a Japanese phrase/joke needs explaining. The translators explains things here.


  • Caw
  • Bourgeois
  • Oden
  • Mount Osore
  • Daimyoujin
  • Urashimataro
  • Argartha, Arcadia, Avalon, El Dorado, Tir Na Nog
  • Tatami count

About the Creator

A brief description of series creator Ken Akamatsu.

Preview of Negima! Vol. 21

Six pages of Negima! Volume 21 in it's original Japanese form.

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