Blade, the Thousand

Blade, the Thousand is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 03/08/2010

Plot Summary

Shichika and Togame track down Meisai Tsuruga in order to retrieve Sentou Tsurugi, a Klesha Bringer that is actually a collection of 1,000 identical swords.

Detailed Summary

The shrine maidens of the Sanzu Shrine
The shrine maidens of the Sanzu Shrine
Shichika and Togame head to the Sanzu Shrine to confront Meisai Tsuruga, the current head of the shrine and possessor of the Klesha Bringer Sentou Tsurugi. Upon their arrival they are greeted by Meisai, who invites Togame into the shrine to drink and discuss she and Shichika's reasons for being there, which she has already surmised. Meisai explains that she has been using the "poison" of Sentou Tsurugi to keep the battered women at the shrine calm and at peace in their life. Already aware of this, Togame offers to have the Shogunate assist the shrine in its task if Meisai would be willing to peacefully turn over the sword. Meisai refuses the offer, leading Togame to challenge her to a duel against Shichika over the swords. Meisai accepts.
Kuizame is quickly and brutally defeated
Kuizame is quickly and brutally defeated
Later that night, Meisai meets with Shichika and questions exactly why he fights and is willing to kill her to claim the swords when they are being used to aid the abused women working as shrine maidens. Shichika nonchalantly answers that it is simply because Togame asked him to and displays no emotion or concern over the ramifications his actions will have. Meisai is taken aback but the two continue with their conversation. Suddenly, they find themselves under attack by Kuizame Maniwa, a member of the Maniwa Corps who fights using chains. Shichika races out to attack him but Meisai beats him to the punch, saying that as the guardian of the shrine it is her duty to protect it from all attacker and proceeds to make short work of the ninja.

The next day, Shichika and Meisai begin their battle. In the midst of the battle, Meisai reveals her background:

Meisai looses her way as a teenager
Meisai looses her way as a teenager

She was the daughter of a Kendo master and studied Sentouryuu, the art of ultimate self-defense. She fully believed in it as a child but when her father, a leader in Takahito Hida's rebellion, and all of his disciples were cut down, she turned her back on it and herself. She decided to join a group of bandits whose leader possessed Sentou Tsurugi and began to use Sentouryuu for wanton murder. Eventually she became the leader of the bandits and claimed the blade as her own. As she became more and more disillusioned, she came to Sanzu Shrine and murdered the leader (Meisai Tsuruga whose name she later claimed) due to feeling that the shrine was their to help young girls and blaming it for her life. Upon his death, the leader asked forgiveness for the girls of the shrine for they had done nothing wrong. This touched her heart and she decided to return to her bandit crew, murder all forty-three of them, and then returned to the shrine, claimed Meisai's name as her own, and continued the work that he did.Shichika is unphased after hearing this and proceeds to defeat Mei by piercing her heart using the Koyouka Suigetsu attack in Kyotouryuu: Shichika Hachiretsu. Togame arrives late to the scene and begins to say that Shichika didn't have to kill Meisai, but opts against it and the two continue on their way.


NameUsed ByUsed On
UzugatanaKuizameShichika & Meisai
Sentouryuu & Chikeikouka: Sentou MeguriMeisaiKuizame & Shichika
Kuuchuu Itto: Okumoji MiriMeisaiShichika
Ittou: Ichimonji KiriMeisaiShichika
Kyotouryuu: Shichika Hachiretsu (Kyouka Suigetsu)ShichikaMeisai

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