BLADE & SOUL #9 Cuts from a Surprising Angle!

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Once again, it’s probably because I’ve watched too much of this stuff, but… I’m really eager to see some show finally follow through on the premise of a violent asskicker getting permanently dropped into a peaceful setting where her martial arts are no longer useful - - and then learning how to deal.

The first show I ran into that really teased that set-up was CASSHERN SINS. In that, the ultimate cyber-warrior doomed the world to slow ruin by mistakenly murdering a robot messiah. There were still plenty of bots to bash, but the point of defeating was them long since moot. Ultimately, the show kept showing us super-battles, though, even as it stressed that they were pointless.

The second show that played with the concept was GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUOUS PLANET last year. The first few episodes pretty much boiled down into a GUNDAM pilot crash-landing into a Miyazaki adventure. After wiping out his hosts’ vastly under-classed foes, our hero had no way of getting home and literally nothing to do but clean ships and learn the niceties of human relationships. Eventually, conflict reasserted itself, and he had to save the day against other mechs.

I realize that my wish here is more-or-less unfulfillable. I might want to see this premise played out, but that’s because I’ve watched hundreds of shows. Your casual viewer isn’t going to get that meta-angle. He’s going to pick up a show like this with expectations of action and adventure, and he’s going to be pissed if those expectations aren’t fulfilled.

So… this episode plays with that premise to the extent that it can. After flitting with pacifism in that earlier episodes, our warrior goddess finally lays down her sword and picks up a broom, reinventing herself as a housecleaner now that her friend’s death has left her disillusioned. We get another angle on her being a being of another class, because she doesn’t really seem to know how to handle even these pedestrian tasks.

Of course, conflict has to rear itself eventually, and this episode ends with Alka finally coming to blows with our blonde madam. Nevertheless, even this little taste of what I’ve described really demonstrates how Gonzo is truly considering this set-up from every angle.

Watch “Moon” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Yeah the Hostess with the mostess there is not all what she is cracked up to be. Some hints were there early on.

Meta angle of warrior to peacefulness is interesting. But its not always a fish out of water story as many a story do it that way. The whole could not find peace but has to pick up the swords over plow sears bit. Seen enuff of the mmorpg trailers to understand this will not go to peacefulness. The picking up the sword.. well time tells that tale.

Not to say it will not dip its foot in the waters so to speak. But its gona drown what plot it has in that direction in predictable patterns. Not that its unwatchable but for me its predictable. Not sure if its because of the familiar tropes it used or the pattern its woven early on.

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This episode blew me away, it's great to see a story like this We're being a badass who has never flinched over a kill before Will still sooner or later suffer the karma, Ofcourse Alka can not Simply settle down into a peaceful life, she has too much blood on her Hands, her past actions are coming back to haunt her, so it's no Surprise that the proprietress wants revenge of some kind, In other words this is a show with consequenses, This is the first time we ever see a look of fear in Alka's Expression, and how brilliant that looking back at her own body count Is the source of that fear, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all comes to head,
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It was a good episode that shows the sins of being an assassin and tying two revenge tales. I didn't suspect Elle Karen, but I never took those hints seriously, her killing the hero guy back in Flower. She's acting like the new villain. Don't know what Yu Lan is up to.

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