Blade Runners High

Blade Runners High is an anime episode of Cromartie High School that was released on 10/10/2003


Kamiyama and Hayashida decide to visit year one class five, to see one of the unusual students at Cromartie. In this class is the infamous Mechazawa, whom is solving many of the problems his year is facing. Kamiyama and Hayashida decide to follow Mechazawa to see how he intereacts with his classmates, and if they are the only ones who notice robotic appearence.

Mechazawa fixing part of his head.
Mechazawa fixing part of his head.

One of Mechazawa's classmates is kidnapped, and Mechazawa realizes that it is the students fault for aggravating the rival school, so he decides to "punk-out," and apologize, to prevent Cromartie from taking a hit to its reputation. Mechazawa also teaches his classmates about the importance of taking care of their bodies to keep on living and protecting the ones that they love. The classmates also help Mechazawa by telling him that he is missing the second button on his shirt.

Mechazawa is also asked to help fix various electronics that his classmates own, but Mechazawa tells tham that he can't help them with their machines. Mechazawa is not handy with mechanics, which comes as a surprise to Hayashida and Kamiyama. Later on Mechazawa is confronted by his classmates about how he looks. They have wanted to tell him for sometime, but have worried it would hurt his feelings if they said anything. They feel his face is too big.

Mechazawa with his classmates.
Mechazawa with his classmates.

After a while Mechazawa is kidnapped by a rival school, and they are keeping him hostage. They try too beat him, but come to the conclusion that his skin is too hard. Hayashida and Kamiyama feel that his appearance is no longer of importance, and that they should help their friend in his time of need. Just as Kamiyama and Hayashida are about to save Mechazawa, the leader of the group comes in to see Mechazawa. The leader of the school instantley recognizes Mechazawa as his best friend from sixth grade, Rollie Pollie, and Kamiyama and Hayashida never get confirmation on Mechazawa being a robot.

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