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Blade of the Immortal is an anime series in the Blade of the Immortal franchise
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  review of dvd volume 2 ( episodes 5 - 8 )

For those who don’t know, and can’t guess from the shows title, Blade of the Immortal is about the adventures of a samurai who through the interference of an old lady has become apparently immortal.


The show is a sort of highlander with samurai but here the ability to live forever is instead treated as a curse.

The shows lead character Manji is your average anime lead. Cocky but wise, sure of himself, but flawed. He is working as a protector for a young lady seeking revenge at the deaths of her parents. At the hands of the leader of a samurai clan or school called the Ittou-Ryuu. A group that also happens to have issues with Manji himself.


The show is your classic samurai anime, slow burning and full of quiet contemplation and reflection some of the time and building up to all out one on one battles the rest of the time. This volume is constructed in that way to an almost traditional and un wavering way. Episode 5 introduces Shizuma Eikuu, a warrior posing at first as a monk who apparently shares Manji’s curse. Episode 6 is almost entirely built around the eventual battle between these two.

A battle that ends with Manji learning wisdom from his rival and then moving on.


Episodes 7 and 8 are almost exactly the same. Now he meets a female warrior, working for the Ittou-Ryuu whom is also flawed and coming to terms with her own deep personal situation. Episode 8 is the fight they have and Manji again walks away having learned something from the confrontation.


This show format is old but perfectly good and the newly introduced characters are each full of their own deep history and back story. The issue is that they become more interesting then Manji himself and he’s an immortal man.


Also the show almost seems a little too slow and old. It feels a chore at some points to watch the episodes, background characters are poorly used and the central storyline is not exactly gripping. There’s almost a lack of threat, what can harm the immortal man?

As it turns out apparently a lot.


Animation and soundtrack also are very patchy. Not anything bad but not a stand out part of the production too. I need to point out the show is perfectly watchable and is a acceptable take on samurai and swordsmanship but just not really all that breathtaking.


At best this is a show that you could feel good about watching for free, say on TV or at a friends, but it’s not something that’s worth paying out for. Maybe the later episodes will pick it up across all areas. For now though it’s a miss for me.

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