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Black★Rock Shooter is an anime series in the Black★RockShooter franchise
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One of Black★Rock Shooter enemies who has a similar design to her. Black★Gold Saw's primary weapon is her "King Saw", a very large curved sword with a saw-like back edge and is responsible for giving Black★Rock Shooter her distinctive scar under her left breast.


Black★RockShooter is a character designed by artist 'huke' who is receiving an anime adaptation of the same name. She made her debut with a Hatsune Miku AMV collaboration between 'supercell' and 'huke' which created a misunderstanding for many fans that she is Hatsune Miku herself - but she is not. In many illusrations she is depicted with her katana named 'Black Blade' and her arm cannon 'Rock Shooter'.


A character from the Black Rock Shooter anime. Chariot is the other self of Kagari Izuriha.

Dead Master

Described as the nemesis of Black★RockShooter, she is one of the antagonists in the anime Black ★ Rock Shooter. She has two large hovering skulls as a companion and wields a schyte.


A corrupted psychotic version of Black★RockShooter. Her blazing eye has changed to purple and wears heavy armor and weilds a massive sword on her right arm.


Part of the supporting cast in the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She is implied to be the "other self" of Yuu.

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