Berserk #1 - Black Swordsman

is a manga book published by Dark Horse that was released on 10/13/2003

Plot Summary

Chapter 1 - The Black Swordsman

The first chapter opens with Guts making his first kill, as he heartlessly blasts the demon he is having sex with.

Guts then enters a nearby town where he attacks a group of thugs and inadvertadly saves Puck who decides to follow Guts thinking he will have some great adventures.

However Guts is not happy about this and tries to chase Puck away, however becuase of the trouble he caused in the pub he is taken captive and tortured. He is then told there is an evil man terrorising the city, Guts relays that he already knows this and knows that the mayor sends sacrifices to this demon to keep himself safe. This angers the mayor who nearly has a heart attack, he then orders Guts to be tortured worse.

The mayor then goes to see The Snake Baron who tries to make a deal so he does not attack the town however he does not respond well and wants to burn the city and challenge the Blackswordsman, Guts.

Meanwhile in Guts cell, Puck shows up and heals Guts with his elven powers and leaves the key for Guts to escape even though Guts once again hurts Puck and he leaves.

But once outside he sees that the attack on the city has begun and begins to worry.

Before long Guts appears from a pile of dead bodies on the floor and fights his way through the foot soldiers to take on the Snake Baron of Koka Castle.

A firece battle ensues as the the baron transforms into his full apostle form and beins to crush Guts however Guts returns to form and blows the Baron to pieces.

Chapter 2 - The Brand

We see Guts on the road again and strugglin against some demons. However before long Puck is back and we find out why Guts doesnt like Puck around. Guts depises weaklings and cant bare to be around them. Leaving Puck behind once again he continues down the road. Soon he is passed by a wagon and he decides he accept a lift from them, and once inside non other than Puck is also inside.

Soon the wagon is attacked by demons again and all aboard the wagon are killed with the exception of Puck and Guts, Puck who is beginning to understand Guts world begins to sympathise with how he is.

Chapter 3 - The Guardians of Desire (1)


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Kentarou Miura artist, writer,


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