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Black Lagoon is an action series based on the original manga series of a group of criminal delivery men called the Lagoon Company.


Black Lagoon Vol. 1 JPN (Aug 2002)
Black Lagoon Vol. 1 JPN (Aug 2002)

The Black Lagoon manga first began publication in Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine in 2002. It's written and illustrated by created by the writer and artist Rei Hiroe, who is well known for his illustrations of women with guns. The first chapter was published in April 19, 2002, and the first volume format was released in December 12, 2002.

" Lock n' load with the baddest soldiers of fortune ever to hit the high seas of Southeast Asia! Aboard their World War II era torpedo boat, the Black Lagoon, Dutch the Boss, Benny the Mechanic, Revy Two Hand, and Rock, the salaryman from Japan, deliver anything, anywhere. In the dangerous underworld of the Russian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Colombian drug cartels, crazed assassins, and ruthless mercenaries, it's hard to know who to trust. But if you've got a delivery to make, and you don't mind a little property damage along the way, you can count on the crew of the Black Lagoon! "


  • Shogakukan (Japan)
  • Madman Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Viz Media (North America)
  • Kabuto (France)
  • Kaze (France)
  • Norma Editorial (Spain)
  • Carlsen Comics (Germany)
  • Waneko (Polandl)
  • Planet Manga (Portugal)

Publication History

Black Lagoon is a manga series written by Rei Hiroe. It was first published in Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine since 2002. The first tankobon volume was released on December 12, 2002. Currently nine volumes of the manga have been released. On the cover of Volume 1 in Japan, the cast intorduction spelled Revy's name as "Levi". Though obscured in the two subsequent covers, by Volume 4 it could be clearly seen changed to "Revy".

In North America, VIZ Media licenses Black Lagoon. They released the first volume on August 12, 2008. They released the latest volume on July 13, 2010.


The English publication removed the cast introduction that could be found on most of the original Japanese publications. This is mostly likely due to the fact that the first line in said introduction is "Baddest Motherfuckers in Asian Seas.".


Lagoon Company

Lagoon Company: Dutch, Revy, Rock, and Benny
Lagoon Company: Dutch, Revy, Rock, and Benny

The Lagoon Company are a small ban of gun for hire transporters who will take on any job on their World War II era torpedo boat, the Black Lagoon. Dutch is the boss who is a former Vietnam and a tendency to give his employees nicknames, Benny is their mechanic, computer expert, and driver on dry land; Revy is Chinese-America from New York and her talent with her custom guns has earned her the nickname "Two Hand", and Rock is a former Japanese salaryman who was abducted by the group but stayed on after his own company tried to have him killed.

Hotel Moscow

The branch of the Russian Mafia is Roanapur is called Hotel Moscow. It's run by a former Russian military commander named Balalaika. She and the rest of her squad were involved in the disastrous Russian invasion of Afghanistan. It was during this military engagement that she was horrible scarred over most of her body due to an explosion. Her second in command, Boris, is was also her subordinate in the military. Her squad was so loyal to her command, they all left the military after the Soviet Union's collapse. She's considered the most dangerous and influential women in the entire city.

Chinese Hong Kong Triad

The head of the Sun Yee On Triad in Roanapur is run by Bai Ji-Shin Chang who is better known as Mr. Chang. He is highly proficient in the a gunfight using both hands, even more so than Revy; and his prowess in combat betrays his normally easy going demeanor. He's a former police officer and a rival crime lord to Balalaika. Though, he is on friendly terms with her and not one who is quick to conflict between the syndicate. The Taiwanese assassin Shenhua has been in Chang's regular employ, with her driver partner, Leigharch; but she also works freelance.

Church of Violence / Rip-Off Church

The Church of Violence (also known as Rip-Off Church) is far from a place of God. The church is used as a front for black market guns and other supplies. The head of the church is Yolanda and she's assisted by a fellow nun, Eda, a friend of Revy. Eda is revealed to actually be a deep undercover agent of the CIA on an unknown mission in Roanapur. Their latest hire is a young priest named Ricardo. All the members of the church know of Eda's identity, but it's unknown if any of the rest are also agents.

Lovelace Family

The Lovelace Family is one of the big thirteen crime families in South America. It was headed by Diego Lovelace, but he was caught up in a political assassination designed to create instability. This left his young son Garcia Lovelace as the new leader of the family that was already in decline. The head maid Roberta is actually a former FARC soldier who left after she discovered he was being used as an attack dog of the Colombian drug cartels. Garcia had no idea of her violent past until he had been kidnapped. Once he was rescued, he never wanted her to pick up a gun again. Another of their maid staff, Fabiola Iglesias, is also skilled in the Brazilian martial arts known as capoeira, and she is skilled with firearms.

Colombian Manisarela Cartel

The Colombian drug cartel is run in Roanapur by Abrego with his lieutenant Gustavo. The Manisarela Cartel seemingly has the lowest amount of power and influence in the city, and they deal primarily in the drug trade. Though mostly crushed by Balalaika and Hotel Moscow during the first incident with Roberta, Abrego was kept in his position as head of the Roanapur cartel.

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

The Manisarela Cartel is supported in South America by the FARC. They are a force that the cartel has struggled to control. Among them is the FARC trainer, Alberto Camarasa from Havana, Cuba. His skill in hand-to-hand combat is even greater than Roberta's.

Italian Mafia

The Italian Mafia is another in the less influential of the crime syndicates. They were originally led by Verrocchio, but his plan to hire the twins Hansel and Gretel to kill off Chang and Balalaika backfired on him. After he was killed, he was replaced by Ronny the Jaws, who little is still known about.

Roanapur Mercenaries / Gangsters

Shenhua / Sawyer / Lotton

Shenhua is a Taiwanese assassin who often works for Mr.Chang of the Triad but also does freelance jobs. After the mission to hunt down Greenback Jane, she formed her own team with some of the surviving mercenaries that were also hired. Among them are Sawyer the Cleaner, a goth girl who does work cleaning up crime scenes and disposes of bodies when hired; and Lotton the Wizard, a gun for hire with a bizarre passion for always wanting to look cool and make an appearance from a high position.


Captain is a former soldier and now member of the Extra Order Company, a private military company who are more often hired as mercenaries. He was hired to kill the Lagoon Company by the Japanese corporation, the Asahi Heavy Industries. He's a sadist who takes the position of no survivors and was willing to gun down everyone in the Yellow Flag Bar to get his targets.

Claude "Torch" Weaver

Claude Weaver is known by the name Torch since he is a firebug mercenary who specializes in arson. He's a sociopath who even timed how long it took for his own wife to burn to death. He was hired to find and kill Greenback Jane with many other mercenaries. He was killed by Revy when she shot the tank on his flamethrower.

Bren the Black Death and Filano

Bren the Black Death runs a murder for hire business with his partner Filano. They were hired to paid by Roberta to get a gang of local thugs to smoke the U.S. Black-Ops team Grey Fox for her.

The Four Brothers

The Four Brothers are a band of three hired killers in Roanapur, Montero, Rob, and Paxon; who are of different ethnic backgrounds but they are actual brothers. They share different mothers and fathers but it all overlaps. They were hired to kill Feng Yifei, who's real name is Li Xinlin and is a Chinese agent for the PLA.

Washimine Group

The Washimine Group is a branch of the Japanese Yakuza and has no bases at Roanapur. After the death of it's leader, the father of Yukio Washimine, the leadership was taken on by his friend, Tsugio Bando. After their leader's death, his control of the syndicate was in turmoil from within and from other mafias. He reached out to Balalaika and Hotel Moscow to support his group, but this turned against them. Yukio is a young student who was not a part of the yakuza but she reluctantly choose to take on the leadership after Tsugio was killed by Balalaika. She's supported by one of her father's loyal enforcers, Ginji Matsuzaki. He is a skilled sword fighter with a stoic nature but a violent fury when angered. Chaka, one of the enforcers, attempted to take control from Yukio but he was quickly dealt with by Ginji.

Gray Fox Black-Ops Squad

The Gray Fox Squad is an elite Black-Ops team of the U.S. military that's led by Major Shane Caxton with his friend and Vietnam veteran, Lieutenant Ray MacDougal. On a mission from the NSA, they were the team that was responsible for the bombing that killed Diego Lovelace. They are sent to Roanapur while in transit for their next mission and have to fight their way through a city of violent thugs, Colombian terrorists, and survive Roberta's fox hunt.

Aryan Socialist Union (Neo-Nazis)

The Aryan Socialist Union is a small group of Neo-Nazis, led by Ratchman. To test their abilities, they were sent out on a mission by Sir Alfred, a former member of the SS, to retrieve a lost treasure from a sunken U-Boat. They were after a painting that was reportedly painted that had been lost at sea near the end of WWII. What they didn't know is that Sir Alfred had also hired the Lagoon Company to also get the painting. It had all been a trap by Sir Alfred to get them all killed since he was them as a waste.

Protectors of the Islamic Front

The "Protectors of the Islamic Front" is a Jihadist group based in South East Asia and have a major camp in the Philippians' jungle. They are led by Masahiro Takenaka, a Japanese civilian; and Ibraha, an Arab who's son was killed by Israeli soldiers. Masashiro was once a member of the Japanese Red Army during the Cold War but fled overseas to escape arrest. It was there he met Ibraha and formed their group. They had successfully bombed the U.S. Embassy in in Zaire, and they had planned to attack the U.S. and assassinate the president. The documents of these plans were stolen by Mr. Chang and he hired the Lagoon Company to transport them to a meeting with the CIA.

Roanapur Citizens


Bao is the owner of the ill-fated Yellow Flag Bar in Roanapur. ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The bar has been destroyed several times but always rebuilt. Though friendly, he's also antagonistic wit h Revy and always blames her for the destruction of his bar. Balalaika has made sure the bar is rebuilt, this implying that he pays Hotel Moscow for insurance. Due to the frequent gunfights, he reenforced the bar itself to be bullet proof so he can safely hide until the smoke clears.

Madame Flora

Madame Flora is the owner of the Sloppy Swing brothel that is above the Yellow Flag. She is a large woman who was once a prostitute. Her place is considered to be the cleanest brothel in town and the girls are treated well. Though, many of the rooms are wired with cameras and the sex in the rooms are filmed to be distributed across town as porn movies. Bao gets a cut of these profits.

Rowan Pigeon

Rowan Pigeon is the owner of the GoofFest strip club and also a local brothel. He's extremely frightened by the might of Hotel Moscow and Balalaika especially. He deals in distributing porn movies through town, some of the content being illegal.

Chief Watsup

Chief Watsup is the head of the corrupted chief of police in Roanapur. He is paid off regularly by the various criminal organizations to look the other way of their illegal activities.

Other Characters

The Twins: Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are a pair of twins who were raised in the corrupted orphanages of Romania. It was there they were abused both physically and sexually. Exploited to make illegal movies of sex and and snuff films. They were forced to kill to survive, but this broke them psychologically and became sadistic and psychopathic. It's unknown what their true names are or their actual genders since they are prove to switching clothes and playing the role of either a boy or girl. They were hired by Verrocchio, the head of Roanapur's Italian Mafia, to kill Balalaika and Mr. Chang. When he turned on them, they killed him instead. Both died at the hands of Balalaika's group.


Kageyama the department chiefs of Asahi Heavy Industries in Japan, and Rock's former boss. He was the one responsible for hiding all the information about the company's illegal activities. When both Rock and the data was stolen, he hired mercenaries to kill both him and anyone who could have seen the information. He eventually bought back the info fro Hotel Moscow, and offered Rock to return to Japan. Rock refused since he was already considered to be dead.

Greenback Lane

Janet Bhai is an East Indian/American who is a leader of an online hacker group and she specializes in counterfeiting currency. She was hired by a Floridian gangster named Elvis, but she fled when he killed one of their main programmers who had the key information for retrieving the most vital part of the data. She began a relationship with Benny after he was able to hack her own system to retrieve the information she needed.

Feng Yifei

Feng Yifei, who's real name is Li Xinlin, is a member of the People's Liberation Army in China as a hacker. During her undercover mission to infiltrate Greenback Jane's group, they had known who she really was and used her to hack into hack the PLA's system. When this was discovered they believed that she had betrayed them.

Story Arcs

  • Black Lagoon (Volume 1)
  • Rasta Blasta (Volume 1)
  • Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers (Volume 2)
  • Calm down, Two Men (Volume 2)
  • Bloodsport Fairy-tale (Volume 2-3)
  • Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll (Volume 3-4)
  • Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise (Volume 4-5)
  • Greenback Jane (Volume 6)
  • El Baile de la Muerte (Volume 6-9)
  • The Wired Red Wild Card (Volume 10-)
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 10
May 19, 2014
Black Lagoon Volume 9
Oct. 19, 2009
Black Lagoon Volume 8
July 19, 2008
Black Lagoon Volume 7
Oct. 10, 2007
Black Lagoon Volume 6
Nov. 11, 2006
Black Lagoon Volume 5
March 17, 2006
Black Lagoon Volume 4
July 19, 2005
Black Lagoon Volume 3
April 19, 2004
Black Lagoon Volume 2
July 19, 2003
Black Lagoon Volume 1
Dec. 12, 2002
General Information Edit
English Name Black Lagoon
Japanese Name: ブラック・ラグーン
Romaji: Burakku Raguun
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2002
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