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Black Lagoon is an anime series in the Black Lagoon franchise
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One of the true answers of an action-packed Experience! Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Feb. 5, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 8 out of 9 users found this review helpful.

Somehow I'm a pessimist on the subject regarding anime, I totally understand the weird and crazy standpoint of different anime but yet they still have the same principle in regards of those aspects. Either harem, shoujo, drama or somewhat a bad depiction shows less creativity in minds but at which being part of a show that entertains us still. It's derivative plot points and character development makes us gain more ground but yet feel lesser to it being the same. That what strieves us to take these measures on anime, somewhat being cliche or regarded as “Fanservice” just entertains us. I personally is in that crowd but yet I don't feel compelled to watch those types of anime.

As I stated in the Trigun review, Cowboy Bebop is regarded to be a great anime for its “all those jazz” and awesome action. It strieves me to watch more despite being episodic each episode. The aspect of the dub cast feels more like a Hollywood film with seiyuus like Wendee Lee somewhat matching the perfect fit with Faye Valentine. One flaw that compelates my hunger of more, is that it doesn't show too much violence and pure action. As typical as zealously, I am.

Is these depictions derive from being a share of realism, of no giant Gundams nor futuristic weapons makes me intrigued of the show. One common example of grotsque violence and pure action is Hellsing, setting in Britain now being infested with vampires/zombies despite being a vampire himself. Which I know is not being much realistic but the real-life locations and being regarded to have a quite excellent voice cast for the dub makes this anime that. Chrno Crusade is another example being compared to Hellsing but yet, it doesn't have that aspect of being “dark” but having some “eye-candy” action and romance.

Pretty much stated in the Monster review, the aspects of realism or Senienism makes it more compelling to watch. One of the promises, upon Christmas when bragging rights is upholded and awarded with a mind-blowing anime. Those promises was met, Black MotherF***ing Lagoon! Created by Hiroe Rei as he comprised this creation of a spectular action flick with this “dark” violence and griftness that I was promised. The action is like Cowboy Bebop but other aspect is like Hellsing with its “darkness”. I won't like to bring up Cowboy Bebop again but yet it feels that sort of way, like the Bebop crew hunting as bounty hunters for molawns(currency), the crew portrayed in this anime as outlawed as they are hunting the same boat as them. The drama aspect really doesn't reveal “too” much towards this season of anime but yet shares it with the action alongside a dish of violence.

The entirely what I liked in this anime is because of it acting the share of realism that I really hope to expect to add it in the Western Hemosphere. The act of gridlyness and being “dark” contrieves that sense of it feeling like in fits in the category of our audience that is recommended to adults not just all for kids as their perception. That is my wish that became true, with the share of hot women, exciting action scenes, great use of profanity and no “eye-candy” that the other anime depicts upon. Black Lagoon has all of those aspects and it excites me to watch more. As well as showing how Japan is not that exciting as you expected in anime depiction.

Enter Rokuro Okajima, a Japanese salaryman who just graduated and working at his job. While getting his ass kicked by his co-workers and employers, he was sent to South-Eastern regions of China to deliver a disc. But as the unexpected moment occurred and he was hijacked by a syndicate group of which is named the Lagoon Company. The Lagoon Company consists on Revy, a purple-hair sassy girl who prefers action over words as a gunslinger as she is, Dutch, the leader of this company who negotiates with his cilents of doing all the “dirty” work and Benny, a Jewish computer specialist and mechanic. As being a negotiator, this Lagoon Company was sent to steal the disk, Okajima was

delivering to.

Under heavy circumstances, his employer/boss was forced to vacate the disapperance of Okajima, promoting him and now focused on getting back this special disc. Whom Balalaika, the leader of a Russia syndicate of “Hotel Moscow” is negotiation with. As confused and panicked as Okajima can be, pissing off others especially Revy for his kidnapping. Going to a bar to stop his moaning with beer, upon competiting Revy on that contest, syndicates appeared being bored whom stumbled upon Revy's bad mood after getting bombarded at the bar. Dutch then tells Okajima that this kidnapping is over and he should depart. While Revy shows her “two-hands” gunslinging action, Okajima wants to be in this Company despite having being kidnapped, was offered in. After retreating, the syndicate was excited and ignorant to want “more action” against the Lagoon Company as they traced them to where they are heading to. No choice but to faced them, and eventually cornered by them having no choice but to turn back. Okajima's antics of planning was advised and the Lagoon crew have no choice to apply this stragedy and it worked as his plan of firing a flare towards missles and making an awesome jump through a lift of the abandoned ship. Causing them to fire those torpanoes, destroying the attack helicopter chasing them.

Once that was over, they were met by Balalaika and Okajima's boss as negotiations went through and a offer that he refused of returning being already dead for the kidnapping. Decided to rename himself, “Rock” in the Lagoon Company. After these introductions, the Black Lagoon, who is responsible for treating its clients to do all the dirty work went to Roanapur, where their HQ is located. Another cilent was met but as incompetant as this cilent is, angered by Dutch. Sent an armada of boats against the Lagoon Company, through Revy's handling on things no-one in that armada surivived, causing that cilent to retreat but was met by Balalaika and was killed.

Usually the story in this first season of Black Lagoon is clearly kidnappings, getting a piece of German art, hijacking and “meeting its cilent expectations”. As being true of being a outlawed pirate as they are, it makes it worth entertaining to watch their adventures in the Easten-China seas of them doing the “dirty work”. The Lagoon Company is what it makes a great cast of characters: Dutch the leader and the negotiator, a quite easygoing and calm person as well as another Black person in the anime which whom kickass, Benny, a Jewish computer specialist who is responsible for alerting the Lagoon company if danger approaches upon it, the newly added cast, Okajima “Rock” Rokuro who uses words over guns whom looks weird smoking a ciggratte and my favourite: Revy, a purple-hair girl gun-tooting, easily bored, and angered as well as sassy. Her easily bored aspect of her characteristics makes its more lovable to me, as well as trying to speak English in the japanese version which is cute.

Through Revy's mortal dilenmas of incompetence and her complications with Rock, graduately developed through episodes of being with him more. As its processed, it feels like Rock is likable within the Lagoon Company. While this first season doesn't reveal too much of any character's past dilenmas, but provide as being outlaws in the Eastern-China sea, it still makes it satisfying than confusing and just dull for not telling a story.

Each episode provides each aspect of greatness, through flying a boat through the fly and launching torpanoes on an attack helicopter to gridly woman-on-woman action with Revy and Roberta which provided the best and gorely action sequences in this anime. Provided that the last episodes of this season, revolves around Rock getting kidnapped again and Revy saving his ass is a great experience. But in regards, of being the best one in my opinion is Revy and Roberta fighting each other, while the Lagoon company and Balalakia is betting upon who will win in this “cat” fight of sassliness. It's just humourous as well as awesome to see Dutch, Benny, Balalakia betting upon whom while Rock complicating to stop it. This is one of the best girl-on-girl fights I have ever seen, not showing their cleavage but seeing them both trading punches, bruising them. The best drama aspect is when Rock and Revy is on a “date”, when Dutch told him to have fun with Revy, and ending up with almost killing Rock and developing Revy to be more likable and not as aggressive. Aside from the episodes on which somehow promotes abit of Facism, despite seeing a few signs that is offended in that type of audience upon which in the retrieval of a piece of German art's episode. Yet despite being offended, the aspect of this anime doesn't reveal much of its promotion of facism through those episodes. When recovering the artifact and getting attacked by a syndicate of facist zealots.

Near the end of this season, after Rock being captured and Revy meeting an Asian sword-wielding girl and her accomplice, a cracked-out paranoid 70-esque dude to rescue Rock from a group who held Rock as hostage. After rescuing him but not the briefcase and the person who shot the commanding officer who orders everyone to chase down them, “completing” the mission of retrieving, well almost.

The art presentation looks appealing and as gridly as the style that I was promise for. Again under the direction of Madhouse Studios, the environment illustrated by them feels realistic as livable, despite being the outlaw lifestyle that the Lagoon company has. During the Lagoon travels, the illustration of the Eastern-chinese sea looks gorgeous to the fiftly streets of Roanapur, where the Lagoon's HQ is located. The real-life depiction of this fictional city feels like a town in South-Eastern regions of Asia, but yet the syndicate aspect of this town is what makes it more different as an artistic style of it. The conceptual design of the Lagoon company is quite unique as it becomes apparent that each of the cast shows some ethnic background. The encounters, through the means streets of Roanapur to the seas gives merits to the presentation as visual art of realism. The grotsque graphic action of Revy and the other encounters gives the merit of intense as their design was known for. While it isn't recalled that the visual design was more-so violent like Hellsing through their campaign. The Chemistry of its action sequences is presented by portrated through encounters. This art design shows the real gridness of the “streets” and portrated how the Lagoon Company does its job.

The sound/music performance is top notch as well. What makes it unique is that, both the dub and the sub has a well-rounded cast which shows excellent merit upon. It just a share of brillance that is portrayed in each character with both of this renditions. Through its comedic purposes of Revy and Rock being there with the Lagoon Company is quite lovable. As I referenced through the Monster review, this anime also shows ethnic representation. What the bringing point of surprisement was not only the German depiction but in regards of Roberta, in which the Japanese version feels more liable than its counterpart. Speaking Spanish, after kidnapping a young kid to a bar where the Lagoon company has met by Roberta and hilarity ensues when Rock is trying his best to translate that language while the disturber of the sub is thoroughly bashing Rock for his bad translating. I was surprised like Grimmer in Monster was unable to understand what the Czech underground movement was speaking that how brilliance the crew of this anime putted together its ethnically. The Japanese portion of this anime, is more hilarious to me because seeing how Revy uses profanity in English is more appearing than the dub. It confuses us being regarded that I watched most of the episodes in sub on which it was quite apparent that its somehow hilarious and awesome to hear ethnic language. The music performance opening by MELL is astounding and awesome as it feels like metal and singing in English. The opening fits perfectly of how awesome this anime could be, plenty of anime have a kickass opening but then it ended up to be mediocre. The music illustrated during the Lagoon travels is somewhat great as it contrives into the environment on which it was settled. The ending opens with a haunting score of seeing Revy's legs as she drops her guns and pants and with the ending shot of her grenade launcher. Looks badass!

If Hayate was in this, instead of Rock. More awesome points!
If Hayate was in this, instead of Rock. More awesome points!

Overall, Black Lagoon is a outstanding anime that I have watched. Through its presentation during Revy scolding at Rock to its intense action sequences on which is appealing to watch. Despite having a small story but being as a outlaw lifestyle sounds awesome that it doesn't require a story. It clarifies of being that perceptive of dealing with clients to do the “dirty work” as well as the dilemmas of Revy and her troubled past. But as this is only the First season, since they are three seasons in total. It is expected to have more of a history within the Lagoon Company. This is also considered as being exactly true to the dub version as their cast shows some merit to the performance perceived in this anime. Through the mean streets of Roanapur to the military base on which Rock is held hostage “again”, it feels intriguing to watch more and more. It's just the addiction level of appealment which I hungered for and was answered by this anime. I regard this as being the best anime, I have seen during these past months. What will make this more appealing is that if Hayate from Combat Butler will appear in the anime and my wish was answered again! But only in one scene of that anime.

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