Other series like Black Lagoon?

Topic started by LeiLeiLover on April 8, 2010. Last post by AgentJ 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Hey I just recently got into the Black Lagoon anime series and am really enjoying it.  I was wondering if anyone else much more  knowledgeable about anime then I could recommend me some other series that are of the  same flavour as Black Lagoon? 
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Which aspect of Black Lagoon are you interested in? The violence would be easy to find, as well as the style of group like Lagoon Company. However, off hand I don't know of any anime with such blatant use of tobacco, alcohol, and language.

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Well I do like all those things you just mentioned;)  As for other anime's not having such blatant use of tobacco, alcohol and language, i'm kind of surprised :o 

I do want to say that this is the first real Japanese anime that I have ever watched, (excluding stuff like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon when I was younger)  I like the characters and the dialogue a lot, the action scenes are well done and feel very cinematic.  There has been times when I catch myself saying "Damn they should make this into a real live action show".  


 It doesn't feel like what I would expect an anime to be.


 When my brain thinks anime I expect big crazy hair, giant mechs, androgynous main character who overall story arc involves saving the world, maybe some summons thrown in there for good measureā€¦I guess I expected something like a Final Fantasy game. (which i'm not saying is bad at all)


 I like the grounded in reality aspect of Black Lagoon, not to say that it's realistic, but it makes me feel as if this stuff could happen.

I do like some crazy though, like The Maid episode where she is messing up everybody to get back the "young master", that was fucking rad.

So yeah that's what i like about it, any ideas?

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@LeiLeiLover: I could imagine you might like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell. while both are based in the future, both are very grounded in reality. No powerups, special moves, magic, or (as you so aptly put) androgynous characters.  
I always recommend Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, and Great Teacher Onizuka would probably be right up your alley as well. Both have similar tones as Black Lagoon, with relatable main characters (Rock/Koyuki/Onizuka) among tough role models (Revy/Ryuusuke/Onizuka) in a modern(ish) day setting (South Pacific,Japan/America, Japan) with a lot of drama, thought provoking questions, and most importantly; action. Beck is a musically oriented show, but it certainly won't leave you bored. 
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