Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is an anime series in the Black Lagoon franchise
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Rokuro Okajima was just a business man living a ordinary Japanese life, until some strange circumstances change his life as he knew it forever....


Black Lagoon is the first anime series of the Black Lagoon franchise that is based on the manga series created by Rei Hiroe. The series was directed by Sunao Katabuchi, music by Edison. It's a seinen action series that is for mature viewers only. It is produced by the MADHouse Studios and Geneon Entertainment, and has aired in Japan on various distributors, such as KBS Kyoto, TV Nagoya, TV Kanagawa, and Sun TV. The first episode originally aired on April 8, 2006. The series ran for twelve episodes, the last airing on June 24, 2006. The story arcs covered in this season are

Geneon Entertainment was the company that originally distributed the series in English, but the company ended all U.S. distribution. FUNimation Entertainment announced an agreement to distribute select titles in North America. They will assume exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles, though Geneon Entertainment will still retain the license.


Rokuro Okajima was a businessman that was sent on a mission to deliver a disc to someone in the South China Sea. On the way there, he becomes a hostage of a pirate gang that was sent by the Russian Mafia to grab the disc. Through this ordeal, he meets 'Two-hands' Revy, Dutch, and Benny. The company that Rokuro worked for decided to call him dead and so he joins the pirate crew and takes the nick name 'Rock' and helps them in missions. But thats only the half of there problems. Between his moral values being torn to bits and being threatened to be killed by both friends and enemies alike, life just doesn't get any easier for Rock...


Lagoon Company

Lagoon Company
Lagoon Company

The Lagoon Company are a small ban of gun for hire transporters who will take on any job on their World War II era torpedo boat, the Black Lagoon. Dutch is the boss who is a former Vietnam and a tendency to give his employees nicknames, Benny is their mechanic, computer expert, and driver on dry land; Revy is Chinese-America from New York and her talent with her custom guns has earned her the nickname "Two Hand", and Rock is a former Japanese salaryman who was abducted by the group but stayed on after his own company tried to have him killed.

Hotel Moscow

Hotel Moscow: Balalaika
Hotel Moscow: Balalaika

The branch of the Russian Mafia is Roanapur is called Hotel Moscow. It's run by a former Russian military commander named Balalaika. She and the rest of her squad were involved in the disastrous Russian invasion of Afghanistan. It was during this military engagement that she was horrible scarred over most of her body due to an explosion. Her second in command, Boris, is was also her subordinate in the military. Her squad was so loyal to her command, they all left the military after the Soviet Union's collapse. She's considered the most dangerous and influential women in the entire city.

Chinese Hong Kong Triad

Chinese Triad: Mr. Chang
Chinese Triad: Mr. Chang

The head of the Sun Yee On Triad in Roanapur is run by Bai Ji-Shin Chang who is better known as Mr. Chang. He is highly proficient in the a gunfight using both hands, even more so than Revy; and his prowess in combat betrays his normally easy going demeanor. He's a former police officer and a rival crime lord to Balalaika. Though, he is on friendly terms with her and not one who is quick to conflict between the syndicate. The Taiwanese assassin Shenhua has been in Chang's regular employ, with her driver partner, Leigharch; but she also works freelance.

Church of Violence / Rip-Off Church

Church of Violence: Eda
Church of Violence: Eda

The Church of Violence (also known as Rip-Off Church) is far from a place of God. The church is used as a front for black market guns and other supplies. The head of the church is Yolanda and she's assisted by a fellow nun, Eda, a friend of Revy.

Lovelace Family

Lovelace Family: Roberta
Lovelace Family: Roberta

The Lovelace Family is one of the big thirteen crime families in South America. It was headed by Diego Lovelace, but he was caught up in a political assassination designed to create instability. This left his young son Garcia Lovelace as the new leader of the family that was already in decline. The head maid Roberta is actually a former FARC soldier who left after she discovered he was being used as an attack dog of the Colombian drug cartels. Garcia had no idea of her violent past until he had been kidnapped. Once he was rescued, he never wanted her to pick up a gun again.

Colombian Manisarela Cartel

Manisarela Cartel: Abrego
Manisarela Cartel: Abrego

The Colombian drug cartel is run in Roanapur by Abrego. The Manisarela Cartel seemingly has the lowest amount of power and influence in the city, and they deal primarily in the drug trade. Though mostly crushed by Balalaika and Hotel Moscow during the first incident with Roberta, Abrego was kept in his position as head of the Roanapur cartel.

Aryan Socialist Union (Neo-Nazis)

Aryan Socialist Union: Ratchman
Aryan Socialist Union: Ratchman

The Aryan Socialist Union is a small group of Neo-Nazis, led by Ratchman. To test their abilities, they were sent out on a mission by Sir Alfred, a former member of the SS, to retrieve a lost treasure from a sunken U-Boat. They were after a painting that was reportedly painted that had been lost at sea near the end of WWII. What they didn't know is that Sir Alfred had also hired the Lagoon Company to also get the painting. It had all been a trap by Sir Alfred to get them all killed since he was them as a waste.

Protectors of the Islamic Front

Protectors of the Islamic Front: Masahiro Takenaka
Protectors of the Islamic Front: Masahiro Takenaka

The "Protectors of the Islamic Front" is a Jihadist group based in South East Asia and have a major camp in the Philippians' jungle. They are led by Masahiro Takenaka, a Japanese civilian; and Ibraha, an Arab who's son was killed by Israeli soldiers. Masashiro was once a member of the Japanese Red Army during the Cold War but fled overseas to escape arrest. It was there he met Ibraha and formed their group. They had successfully bombed the U.S. Embassy in in Zaire, and they had planned to attack the U.S. and assassinate the president. The documents of these plans were stolen by Mr. Chang and he hired the Lagoon Company to transport them to a meeting with the CIA.

Other Characters



Bao is the owner of the ill-fated Yellow Flag Bar in Roanapur. ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The bar has been destroyed several times but always rebuilt. Though friendly, he's also antagonistic wit h Revy and always blames her for the destruction of his bar. Balalaika has made sure the bar is rebuilt, this implying that he pays Hotel Moscow for insurance. Due to the frequent gunfights, he reenforced the bar itself to be bullet proof so he can safely hide until the smoke clears.

Rowan Pigeon

Rowan Pigeon
Rowan Pigeon

Rowan Pigeon is the owner of the GoofFest strip club and also a local brothel. He's extremely frightened by the might of Hotel Moscow and Balalaika especially. He deals in distributing porn movies through town, some of the content being illegal.

Chief Watsup

Chief Watsup is the head of the corrupted chief of police in Roanapur. He is paid off regularly by the various criminal organizations to look the other way of their illegal activities.


Captain is a former soldier and now member of the Extra Order Company, a private military company who are more often hired as mercenaries. He was hired to kill the Lagoon Company by the Japanese corporation, the Asahi Heavy Industries. He's a sadist who takes the position of no survivors and was willing to gun down everyone in the Yellow Flag Bar to get his targets.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Red Fraction"

Lyrics: MELL

Performed: MELL

Ending Theme

"Don't Look Behind"

Performed by: EDISON

Story Arcs

Black Lagoon

Rock taken hostage by Revy
Rock taken hostage by Revy

Okajima Rokuro was just an average office worker of the Asahi Heavy Industries when he was given an assignment that required him to sail through the South China Seas. The vessel was boarded by pirates, a large black and a violent, tattooed woman. At gun point, they the crew was held and the disc he was given by his boss was taken. Just when he thought it was over, the woman named Revy took him along in their escape as a side job they could hold hostage from his company. Her boss and leader of this small band of pirates, Dutch, put an end to this idea, he gave him the nickname "Rock", and brought him back to their home port of Roanapur. While at the local bar he was contemplating his next move but a bunch of mercenaries that were hired mercenaries by his own company began a slaughter, gunning down all they could. Here he watched as Revy made short work killing these violent thugs and was enjoying herself. Rather than sit here to die, he ran off with Ducth and his Lagoon Company.

When they thought they were safe out to sea and heading for the drop off, they were chased at by the mercenaries who had an armored helicopter. They were chased into a mangrove and the sadist pilot waited for them to try and escape. When he was contacted by his boss, he was told that the data held the evidence of the companies illegal activities and that he would have to die out there with the evidence. Not willing to roll over, Rock came up with a wild plan to use the Lagoon Company's boat to attack the chopper. They launched them self off a sunken ship into the air and launched the Black Lagoon's torpedo right into the chopper. The insane plan worked and they made it to the drop off point. To Rock's surprise the person picking up the data was his own boss. He had bought back the evidence from the person who originally hired the Lagoon Company, the head of the Russian Mafia, Balalaika. He was offered to return home, but he rejected the idea since he was already considered dead. With no where else to go, Revy invited him to join the Lagoon Company.

Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers

The Lagoon Company has been hired on a salvage mission to find a sunken WWII Era U-Boat that was sunk in 1945. Their target is a painting titled the "The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilde", a painting from a little known artist but was being carried as precious by an SS solider who died with the rest of the crew when the submarine was sunk. The U-Boat had already been discovered by a phone company a year ago. Now, all Rock and Revy have to do is dive down and find the painting. All seemed like a easy job, but as Ducth and Benny waited above water. A research vessel approached and gave warning for the Black Lagoon to move away. The crew had been taken hostage by a Neo-Nazi group called the Aryan Socialist Union, and they are after the painting, as well. Going to far as to fire TOW missiles at the Black Lagoon that barely missed as they ran.

Underwater, Rock and Revy discover evidence of a shootout in the sunken sub. The tension between the two grows when after finding the painting that Revy also wanted to claim some medals from the dead to sell. Rock tries to convince her that these bodies shouldn't be desecrated and be allowed to keep these small treasures. Revy points out to Rock that a skull or medals are all nothing but objects. Only difference is that the medal can bring in money. While growing up in New York there was no God. It was the lack of money and corrupt cops that kept her in a horrible situation as a child. All she had faith in was money and the gun. She tells him to never being up those Goody-good ideals again or she'll have to kill him. The Neo-Nazi's broke this tension when their own troop broke into the sub. In the fight, Revy and Rock lose the painting and give chase. Upon surfacing they barely escaped being gunned down from the boat. Back on the Black Lagoon, Revy and Dutch plan a bloody party for the Nazi Party.

Under the cover of night, Revy and Dutch board the ship and Revy goes on a killing spree, gunning down everyone she sees. When this includes the hostage ship's crew, Dutch confronts her. He tells her that she's a hired gun for him and not some serial killer. After their confrontation is settled, they go after the leader, Ratchman. Dutch finds him on the phone with his boss who wants to speak with him. Putting on speaker, Dutch learns that the man who hired him also sent Ratchman's troop. It had all been a set up to claim the last key of a code needed for a lost sum of money and a way to get Ratchman's group killed for the incompetent. Revy shows up and tosses Ratchman one of her pistols to give him a chance and offer a bet with Dutch. Rather than attempt suicide, he aims at Dutch and pulls the trigger. Only that the gun was empty. Back on the Black Lagoon, Revy talks to Dutch that she doesn't think she can work with Rock any longer.

Calm Down, Two Men

Rock and Revy, The Cigarette Kiss
Rock and Revy, The Cigarette Kiss

To let these two work out their issues, Dutch sends Revy and Rock out into Roanapur to settle some of the grunt work across town he needs done. Rock keeps trying to talk and she shuts him down at every turn. First it's to Rowan Pigeon's strip club to settle the bill on the liquor they are holding at port, second it to see Balalaika about her late shipment as she's miserable editing porn movies for sale, and finally to the Church of Violence to check on an issue with a firearms purchase. Guns get drawn and hostilities rise when some rocket launchers are missing from their order and the Lagoon Company is keeping. The stand off is cut as Rock calmly talks with the leader, Sister Yolanda, about the matter of drugs had been stolen and Hotel Moscow was searching for, and Rock is certain that's what he saw Sister Eda offloading when they arrived.

Later back in town, Revy tells Rock he should go back home. She's even noticed a ruder tone from him. He surprises Revy when he tells her that he'd done with apologizing. Standing proud, he tells her he wasn't wrong at the sub and he's not apologizing. She pulls her gun and aims it at his head. She pulls the trigger and only grazes his head when Rock grabbed her gun. He grabs her, calling her a greedy thug. She yells that he knows nothing about her, and he fores back she she doesn't know anything about him. He tells her that even if there is no Robin Hood there to become one. Try and live with some level of honor. Enraged, she threatens to kill him and swings a punch to his face that he doesn't even try dodging. He was cast away by people who were obsessed with greedy. He tells her that she was the one who inspired him to live his new life, and he can't stand watching her act like the people who tossed him away. The blows have now become more lighthearted name calling when the police chief shows up. They are taken in for show for the commotion they caused. In the back seat, Revy asks Rock what side he's on. He simply says that he's got nowhere else to go. She asks him for a light for her cigarette, but he got one form the cop. She presses her smoke to the tip of his and they lean in closely to lite her cigarette. For these two, it's been one hell of a day.

Rasta Blasta

Roberta comes to Roanapur
Roberta comes to Roanapur

After dropping off a shipment of weapons for the local cartels, they were given a package to deliver to Roanapur. This package was a young South American boy who said his name was Garcia Lovelace. He claimed to be the son of Diego Lovelace, the leader of one of largest thirteen families in South America. Rock was skeptical but the kid knew his information. If the cartel was lying about who this kid was. It meant they were worried about something. As Rock talked to Garcia, he would talk about the kindly maid named Roberta that he knew was far stronger than he truly knew. So confident in her strength, he boasted that she could defeat Revy. While at the Yellow Flag Bar, a gunfight broke out with the Colombian cartel that hired them, but the one who started it was the maid Roberta. She had come to rescue Garcia had armed to the teeth with guns. Her skill was so incredible that she made short work of the cartel gun fighters, and her fury turned to the Lagoon Company when she noticed them with Garcia. Revy tried to attack first, but was knocked unconscious in the battle. The young boy was terrified by her rage and asked Rock to escape with them. They escaped the Yellow Flag when the cartel distracted Roberta. She no longer needed them so she dropped several grenades and blew up the bar. Still, Rock had a feeling that she was still alive and coming for them.

Rock's predictions were right when she walked out of the flaming rubble unharmed. She rushed the car and climbed on top as they drove away. She began firing into the car's cabin and Benny crashed into the shipping port. Roberta was knocked off and a shipping container, but quickly got up and was ready to fight. Revy was soon awake and she face Roberta in a gun fight. This battle was cut short by Balalaika and her men with military like efficiency. It was then that she revealed Roberta's true past as a former terrorist of the FARC. She had left that life when she discovered she had been used as an attack dog by the cartels. Garcia came to her defense and wanted to return home with her. Unsatified by this happy ending, Revy wanted satisfaction. Their fight was settled with fists. The fight when on till daybreak and ended in a draw, but only Roberta was still conscious. With everything settled, Roberta returned home with Garcia.

Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll

Revy is woken one day because Mr. Chang has hired them for an important mission. He wants the Lagoon Company transport documents who aquired that detail a terrorist plot against the United States. He already tried selling them back to the owner, but they didn't like the high price. This group is extreme and launch a full scale attack on this meeting. Revy and CHnag lead the escape to the fire escape and he gives her the password for their driver when they reach the destination. Though, once out to sea, Chang contacts them with a change of plans. Revy and Rock moved alone into an abandoned town once the crew made it to land. She pulls her gun on the driver of the car that suddenly approaches. It's being driven by a Japanese man named Masahiro Takenaka. He gives the password, but didn't hear that the password was changed mid way. There is a shoot out and Revy yells at Rock to run with the case. He's captured and Revy is only saved by the appearance of her real driver and his partner, a Taiwanese assassin for hire named Shenhua. They pick Revy up and run. She wants to go get Rock, but these two aren't interested in getting involved in a battle. She has t point out that without the documents Rock has they could get killed for showing up at the meeting empty handed.

Being held in the terrorist training camp nearby, Rock meets with Takenaka, who is one of this extremist-Islamic's co-leaders. Revy and the blade-wielding Shenhua stage an all out attack on the camp and rescue Rock for a frenzied escape with a whole band of terrorists in hot pursuit. It wasn't made any easier thanks to their driver being doped up. Once at the drop of with the CIA, Shenhua asks Rock for the data but he tells them the case he has was empty. Revy shocks everyone when she pulls the papers out from under her shirt and hands them over to the agents. Though it's Revy's turn to be surprised when the CIA know Revy's real name and that she's wanted in New York on a warrant from some crime.Rock thanks Revy for the rescue, and she decks him for being stupid enough to get caught, telling him that next time he'll need to pray for help. The price for his life will be coming out of his pay.


Blu-ray Re-release:

The first two seasons of Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage were initially released on DVD disc format alone. In 2010, Geneon announced they were re-releasing both seasons of the anime onto DVD format in anticipation of the coming third season. The season titles remains on the boxes, but the numbering was kept consecutive of 001-008. There were alternate cover editions available. One version had all eight cover images formed into one giant picture when put side by side.

Blu-ray Omakes

With the re-release of the first two seasons Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage on Blu-ray, several omake specials were produced as incentive to purchase these versions after the initial release of the original DVDs. Each are based on omakes that were published as extras in the manga volume publications.

  1. Black Lagoon: High School ( 高校編 Kōkō-hen)
  2. Black Lagoon: The Magical Girl ( 魔法少女編 Mahō shōjo-hen)
  3. Black Lagoon: The Melancholy of Balalaika ( バラライカの憂鬱 Bararaika no yūutsu)
  4. Black Lagoon: Boys and Girls ( 男の子女の子編 Otokonoko onnanoko-hen)
  5. Black Lagoon: Summer Evening Spooky Story Contest ( 納涼怖い語編 Nōryō kowai katari-hen)
  6. Black Lagoon: Viva! Youth! ( ビバ!ヤング編 Biba! Yangu-hen)
  7. Black Lagoon: Go For It! Manzai Grand Prix! ( めざせお笑いグランプリ Mezase owarai guranpuri)
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Satoshi Nishimura
Rei Hiroe
Kenichi Kawamura
Masanori Shino
Sunao Katabuchi
Tetsuro Araki
Kunio Katsuki
Atsushi Nigorikawa
Takuya Iida
Hidetoshi Kaneko
Masaki Hyuga

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Name Black Lagoon
Name: ブラック・ラグーン
Romaji: Burakku Ragūn
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2006
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