Beginner's Guide to Black Lagoon

Topic started by Guest_Author on July 29, 2010. Last post by LP 4 years, 6 months ago.
Post by rein (5,465 posts) See mini bio Level 15
I watched the whole series today. Cigarette kiss FTW.
Post by jlanzer (117 posts) See mini bio Level 16
If this show is a highlight in anime it goes to show what level of work is acceptable by standards today.  it is a subpar cowboy bebop at best.
Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20

One of the few moments they get close without bitching. lol

Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20
This is an underappreciated series that barely gets the light of day. I don't mean this as a highlight of what anime is but a good example of something a little different. Also, there are plenty of anime far worse than Black Lagoon to talk about "standards". And I find Black Lagoon something variable enought from Cowboy Bebop. Yeah there are similarities in the crew and how they get hired to do things but Lagoon Company is strictly for hire and deals with pretty realistic happenings. Personally (obviously since I wrote this), I find Black Lagoon better than Cowboy Bebop with consideration of characters and action at the very least.
Post by Count_Zero (344 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Very well written Guide. It reminds me that I really need to go out and read the manga. Now, if I could only figure out what precisely I did wrong with my guides that made it so they didn't work right for promotion.
Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Thank you very much. I haven't read any of the manga, actually. I've learned that sometimes it comes down to the subject for users to offer their opinions. I wanted a good reaction from this and I believe I've gotten it...But the main point is to do one on a title you like where you can offer a neutral viewpoint with a good description.
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God I love this show! How can you not fall in love with an insane sister of Lara Croft?
Post by Woodrow (2 posts) See mini bio Level 5
Love the Dub
Post by MyNiceIceLife (22 posts) See mini bio Level 11
I might have to check this out
Post by Brizik47 (1 posts) See mini bio Level 5
Looks interesting enough, might give it a try.
Post by Fobzilla (1 posts) See mini bio Level 5
I like these beginners guides, i wouldn't have been interested in black lagoon if i hadn't read this. Nice job.
Post by user199 (20 posts) See mini bio Level 9
This should be good, since it has most of the basic nutritional needs of anime.
Post by shelby (1 posts) See mini bio Level 5
I agree with Animedude -- Beginners Guide are absolutely awesomeness.
Post by vergilius (147 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Listen, I love me some Black Lagoon, but no way in hell is this a "down to earth anime."  There's no magic or anything, sure, and it has that "gritty realism sensibility," but I mean...I don't want to spoil any cool moments, but this show delights in skirting the edges of plausibility.
Post by LP (9 posts) See mini bio Level 5
Sounds DOPE, I'mma have to watch real soon.
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