Black Lagoon #9 - Black Lagoon Volume 9

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 10/19/2009

Plot Summary

Black Lagoon - Vol. 9

Roanapur explodes as Roberta's vendetta against a top secret U.S. Special Forces team brings out the city's heaviest hitters. In an attempt to contain the damage before it brings too much attention on the criminal paradise, Balalaika and the ex-Soviet military troops of Hotel Moscow face off with Major Caxton's Grey Fox unit as it tries to fight its way out of Roanapur. Meanwhile, Rock, Revy, and Garcia Lovelace continue their pursuit of Roberta, hoping to catch up to her before the Killer Maid's own demons run her down. But if they do find her, Roberta's thirst for revenge may consume more than just those who wronged her...


Chapter 65: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXII.....Pg. 005

Chapter 66: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXIII.....Pg. 021

Chapter 67: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXIV.....Pg. 037

Chapter 68: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXV.....Pg. 061

Chapter 69: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXVI.....Pg. 085

Chapter 70: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXVII.....Pg. 099

Chapter 71: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXVIII.....Pg. 117

Chapter 72: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXIX.....Pg. 133

Chapter 73: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXX.....Pg. 157

Chapter 74: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXXI.....Pg. 181

Chapter 75: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXXII.....Pg. 205

Chapter 76: El Baile de la muerte PT.XXXIII.....Pg. 223

Black Lagoon: [Revenge, Who Does It Belong To?!].....Pg. 267


Points of Interest

  • Some of the formatting of the final few pages of this volume were changed from the original publication in Sunday GX magazine.
  • In this volume it's discovered that Ricardo also knows about Eda's true identity.


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