Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage is an anime series in the Black Lagoon franchise
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Black Lagoon: Second Barrage is the second season of the Black Lagoon anime based upon Rei Hiroe's original manga.


Black Lagoon: Second Barrage is the second anime series of the Black Lagoon franchise that is based on the manga series created by Rei Hiroe. The series was directed by Sunao Katabuchi, music by Edison. It's a seinen action series that is for mature viewers only. It is produced by the MADHouse Studios and Geneon Entertainment, and has aired in Japan on various distributors, such as KBS Kyoto, TV Nagoya, TV Kanagawa, and Sun TV. The first episode originally aired on January 18, 2008. The series ran for twelve episodes, the last airing on April 11, 2008. The story arcs covered in this season are Bloodsport Fairy-tale, Greenback Jane, and Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise.

Geneon Entertainment was the company that originally distributed the series in English, but the company ended all U.S. distribution. FUNimation Entertainment announced an agreement to distribute select titles in North America. They will assume exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles, though Geneon Entertainment will still retain the license.

A third season was announced and started airing in Japan. Lots of buzz has been made for Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail thanks to special guest appearances of the creator and voice actors at Anime Expo 2010.


We begin with Rokuro Okajima, a Japanese businessman, doing a job for his company transporting a disc with confidential information. His troubles begin when Lagoon Company is hired to steal the disc and decides to take him hostage. After events transpire he takes on the nickname Rock and joins the scrappy and wild Lagoon Company. Lagoon Company is seen as being modern day pirates but primarily will take on any job as long as it pays good (be it legal or not). The bulk of the story takes place in modern times in Southeast Asia with their headquarters being in the city of Roanapur, Thailand. Roanapur was founded by Southern Vietnamese soldiers who survived the Vietnam War and grew from taking in fugitive soldiers to drawing in drug dealers, hookers, mercenaries, hitmen, gangs, and the like to become what could easily be stated as the worst damn place in the world. Cops are bought off and everybody's either got a gun or a disease. Black Lagoon is a very violent, but not over-the-top and mostly realistic, tale of crooked deals and trying to survive to see another day.

The Characters

Lagoon Company

Lagoon Company: Benny, Rock, Revy, Dutch
Lagoon Company: Benny, Rock, Revy, Dutch

Revy aka "Two Hands" is the main gunner of Black Lagoon. She's of Chinese descent and grew up on the streets of New York City where she had to kill to live. Growing up on the streets provides why Revy isn't too keen on feelings, has a foul mouth, a short temper, and likes to drink. She wields two 9 MM Beretta 92Fs with deadly accuracy and won't think twice about putting a bullet between your eyes just to shut you up. But at least she isn't bad on the eyes with Daisy Duke shorts, a tattoo, and a short top.

Okajima Rokuro is a simple, easy-going Japanese businessman. He doesn't like confrontation but it was his choice to join Lagoon Company. Rock doesn't carry a gun so he uses his education to get the job done as his experience in business proves to be handy for Lagoon Company. He constantly wonders where his life will go and just what to do.

Dutch is the main man of Lagoon Company. Nobody knows much about this burly African-American man besides him being cunning, never losing his glasses, bearing a large revolver, and driving the torpedo boat Black Lagoon.

Benny is the fourth member of Lagoon Company. Benny is a Jewish-American tech guy who always drives the land-based (getaway) cars. Like Rock he doesn't use a gun and was saved by Revy when he pissed off the FBI and Mafia while attending college in Florida.

Hotel Moscow

Hotel Moscow: Balalaika
Hotel Moscow: Balalaika

The branch of the Russian Mafia is Roanapur is called Hotel Moscow. It's run by a former Russian military commander named Balalaika. She and the rest of her squad were involved in the disastrous Russian invasion of Afghanistan. It was during this military engagement that she was horrible scarred over most of her body due to an explosion. Her second in command, Boris, is was also her subordinate in the military. Her squad was so loyal to her command, they all left the military after the Soviet Union's collapse. She's considered the most dangerous and influential women in the entire city.

Chinese Hong Kong Triad

Chinese Triad: Mr. Chang
Chinese Triad: Mr. Chang

The head of the Sun Yee On Triad in Roanapur is run by Bai Ji-Shin Chang who is better known as Mr. Chang. He is highly proficient in the a gunfight using both hands, even more so than Revy; and his prowess in combat betrays his normally easy going demeanor. He's a former police officer and a rival crime lord to Balalaika. Though, he is on friendly terms with her and not one who is quick to conflict between the syndicates His direct subordinate is Biu Yuen. The Taiwanese assassin Shenhua has been in Chang's regular employ, with her driver partner, Leigharch; but she also works freelance.

Church of Violence / Rip-Off Church

Church of Violence: Eda
Church of Violence: Eda

The Church of Violence (also known as Rip-Off Church) is far from a place of God. The church is used as a front for black market guns and other supplies. The head of the church is Yolanda and she's assisted by a fellow nun, Eda, a friend of Revy. Eda is revealed to actually be a deep undercover agent of the CIA on an unknown mission in Roanapur. Their latest hire is a young priest named Ricardo.

Italian Mafia

Italian Mafia: Verrocchio
Italian Mafia: Verrocchio

The Italian Mafia is another in the less influential of the crime syndicates. They were originally led by Verrocchio, but his plan to hire the twins Hansel and Gretel to kill off Chang and Balalaika backfired on him.

Roanapur Mercenaries / Gangsters

Shenhua / Sawyer / Lotton


Shenhua is a Taiwanese assassin who often works for Mr.Chang of the Triad but also does freelance jobs. After the mission to hunt down Greenback Jane, she formed her own team with some of the surviving mercenaries that were also hired. Among them are Sawyer the Cleaner, a goth girl who does work cleaning up crime scenes and disposes of bodies when hired; and Lotton the Wizard, a gun for hire with a bizarre passion for always wanting to look cool and make an appearance from a high position.

Claude "Torch" Weaver

Claude "Torch" Weaver
Claude "Torch" Weaver

Claude Weaver is known by the name Torch since he is a firebug mercenary who specializes in arson. He's a sociopath who even timed how long it took for his own wife to burn to death. He was hired to find and kill Greenback Jane with many other mercenaries. He was killed by Revy when she shot the tank on his flamethrower.

Washimine Group

Washimine Group: Yukio & Ginji
Washimine Group: Yukio & Ginji

The Washimine Group is a branch of the Japanese Yakuza and has no bases at Roanapur. After the death of it's leader, the father of Yukio Washimine, the leadership was taken on by his friend, Tsugio Bando. After their leader's death, his control of the syndicate was in turmoil from within and from other mafias. He reached out to Balalaika and Hotel Moscow to support his group, but this turned against them. Yukio is a young student who was not a part of the yakuza but she reluctantly choose to take on the leadership after Tsugio was killed by Balalaika. She's supported by one of her father's loyal enforcers, Ginji Matsuzaki. He is a skilled sword fighter with a stoic nature but a violent fury when angered. Chaka, one of the enforcers, attempted to take control from Yukio but he was quickly dealt with by Ginji.

Roanapur Citizens



Bao is the owner of the ill-fated Yellow Flag Bar in Roanapur. ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The bar has been destroyed several times but always rebuilt. Though friendly, he's also antagonistic wit h Revy and always blames her for the destruction of his bar. Balalaika has made sure the bar is rebuilt, this implying that he pays Hotel Moscow for insurance. Due to the frequent gunfights, he reenforced the bar itself to be bullet proof so he can safely hide until the smoke clears.

Rowan Pigeon

Rowan Pigeon is the owner of the GoofFest strip club and also a local brothel. He's extremely frightened by the might of Hotel Moscow and Balalaika especially. He deals in distributing porn movies through town, some of the content being illegal.

Chief Watsup

Chief Watsup
Chief Watsup

Chief Watsup is the head of the corrupted chief of police in Roanapur. He is paid off regularly by the various criminal organizations to look the other way of their illegal activities.

Other Characters

The Twins: Hansel and Gretel

The Twins: Hansel and Gretel
The Twins: Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are a pair of twins who were raised in the corrupted orphanages of Romania. It was there they were abused both physically and sexually. Exploited to make illegal movies of sex and snuff films, they were forced to kill to survive, but this broke them psychologically. They eventually became sadistic and psychopathic. It's unknown what their true names are or their actual genders since they are prove to switching clothes and playing the role of either a boy or girl. They were hired by Verrocchio, the head of Roanapur's Italian Mafia, to kill Balalaika and Mr. Chang. When he turned on them, they killed him instead. Both died at the hands of Balalaika's group.

Greenback Lane

Greenback Jane
Greenback Jane

Janet Bhai is an East Indian/American who is a leader of an online hacker group and she specializes in counterfeiting currency. She was hired by a Floridian gangster named Elvis, but she fled when he killed one of their main programmers who had the key information for retrieving the most vital part of the data. She began a relationship with Benny after he was able to hack her own system to retrieve the information she needed.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Red Fraction"

Lyrics: MELL

Performed: MELL

Ending Theme

Ending 1

"Don't Look Behind" (Eps 13-14,16-23)

Performed by: EDISON

Ending 2

"The World of Midnight" (Ep 15)

Performed by:Minako Obata

Ending 3

"Peach Headz Addiction" (Ep 24)

Performed by: Breath Frequency


Blu-ray Re-release:

The first two seasons of Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage were initially released on DVD disc format alone. In 2010, Geneon announced they were re-releasing both seasons of the anime onto DVD format in anticipation of the coming third season. The season titles remains on the boxes, but the numbering was kept consecutive of 001-008. There were alternate cover editions available. One version had all eight cover images formed into one giant picture when put side by side.

Blu-ray Omakes

With the re-release of the first two seasons Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage on Blu-ray, several omake specials were produced as incentive to purchase these versions after the initial release of the original DVDs. Each are based on omakes that were published as extras in the manga volume publications.

  1. Black Lagoon: High School ( 高校編 Kōkō-hen)
  2. Black Lagoon: The Magical Girl ( 魔法少女編 Mahō shōjo-hen)
  3. Black Lagoon: The Melancholy of Balalaika ( バラライカの憂鬱 Bararaika no yūutsu)
  4. Black Lagoon: Boys and Girls ( 男の子女の子編 Otokonoko onnanoko-hen)
  5. Black Lagoon: Summer Evening Spooky Story Contest ( 納涼怖い語編 Nōryō kowai katari-hen)
  6. Black Lagoon: Viva! Youth! ( ビバ!ヤング編 Biba! Yangu-hen)
  7. Black Lagoon: Go For It! Manzai Grand Prix! ( めざせお笑いグランプリ Mezase owarai guranpuri)
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Rei Hiroe
Masaki Hyuga

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Name Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
Name: ブラック・ラグーン The Second Barrage
Romaji: Burakku Raguun
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2006
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