Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail Characters

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail is an anime series in the Black Lagoon franchise
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Abrego is a recurring Colombian cartel member from Black Lagoon. As part of the Manisarela Cartel, he controls their branch in Roanapur.

Alberto Camarasa

Alberto Camarasa is a combat instructor for the FARC from Havana.


Ex-Soviet Airborne Captain. She now leads the Hotel Moscow mafia in Roanapur. She's a strong business woman who runs her organization with military efficiency and ruthlessness.


Bao is the owner and proprietor of the often ill fated Yellow Flag bar in Roanapur.


Benny is the mechanic and computer expert for the Lagoon Company in Roanapur.

Biu Yuen

Biu Yuen is the lieutenant of Mr. Chang in the Chinese Triad.


Boris is the second-in-command of Balalaika and a member of her the Hotel Moscow.

Corporal Zachamin

Corporal Zachamin is a member of the Grey Fox Squad in the U.S. military.

Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace

Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace is the head of the Lovelace Family and father of Garcia Lovelace.


Dutch is the boss of The Lagoon Company and the captain of their vessel, the Black Lagoon.


Eda is a fake, sunglasses wearing nun in the black market organization of Roanapur called the Church of Violence. She's a friend of Revy, but also a deep cover agent of the CIA on an unknown mission.

Fabiola Iglesias

Fabiola is the second maid to the Lovelace family as well as a high experience combatant. She helps Garcia track down Roberta after she goes off on a murder mission.

Garcia Lovelace

Garcia Lovelace is the only son of Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace and the heir of the Lovelace line.


Gardner is a member of the Grey Fox Squad in the U.S. military.


Gustavo is the second in command of the Colombian Manisarela Cartel in Roanapur.

Hironobu Sato

Hironobu Sato was a Japanese worker that was murdered by Roberta during her early days with the FARC.

Lieutenant Ray MacDougal

Lieutenant Ray MacDougal is a former Vietnam veteran and member of Grey Fox Squad with his friend Major Shane Caxton.


Lotton the Wizard is a mysterious bounty-hunter in the city of Roanapur.

Major Shane Caxton

Major Shane Caxton is a former Vietnam veteran and commander of the Grey Fox Squad that was responsible for the bombing that killed Diego Lovelace while on an NSA mission.

Master Sergeant Horner

Master Sergeant Horner is a member of the Grey Fox Squad.

Mr. Chang

Mr. Chang is a former Chinese police officer turned leader of the Roanapur branch of the Hong Kong Triad syndicate.


Praiyachat is a gunsmith in Roanapur who crafted Revy's Sword Cutlass guns.


Revy is the muscle of the Lagoon Company couriers known as Two Hands in the corrupt Thailand city of Roanapur.

Richie Leroy

Richie Leroy is a man from Roanapur who Roberta hired for information and supplies.


Roberta is the seemingly gentle and kindhearted maid of the Lovelace Family in Venezuela, but is actually a trained soldier of the FARC who ran away from the cartels. Now, she is the bodyguard of the Lovelace Estate and the young master, Garcia Lovelace.

Rokuro Okajima

Rokuro "Rock" Okajima was a former salary-man before joining the Lagoon Company pirates in the South-Asian Seas.


Ronny the Jaws is the head of the Italian Mafia in Roanapur after Verrocchio was murdered by Hansel and Gretel.


Sawyer the Cleaner specializes in cleaning up crime scenes or dealing with bodies both dead or living in Roanapur.

Sergeant Sanchez

Sergeant Sanchez is a member of the Grey Fox Squad that speaks Spanish.


Shenhua is a Taiwanese assassin who specializes in using bladed weapons. She does most of her work for Mr. Chang and the Triads, but also works freelance in Roanapur.

Staff Sergeant Barrows

Staff Sergeant Barrows is a member of the Grey Fox Squad.

Toh Chi

Toh Chi the Blaster is a paranoid explosives expert who lost much of his mind to drugs.


Will is a representative of the NSA who gave the Grey Fox Squad their missions.


Yolanda is the leader of the "Church of Violence" from the Black Lagoon series who runs guns, drugs and other black market goods out of a chapel.

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