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The Black Label is a vigilante organization created by Masamune Mochizuki to eliminate the criminal element that the law either can't or refuse to handle.


Triage X Vol 1 JPN (Dec 2009)
Triage X Vol 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Black Label is the protagonist group from the Triage X series that was written by Shouji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009. The team was first introduced in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 1 "Prescription from Hell I".

The Black Label is a secret organization that has dedicated itself to eliminating the cancer of crime and corruption that has taken over the city. They deal with the threats that the police either can't or refuse to deal with. Once the tumor have been found through triage. The Black Label is given and the threat is exorcised through swift and deadly justice. They have no friends or allies in the outside world. Their secret base is inside the Mochizuki General Hospital. and several members are staff or doctors. All members have been touched by tragedy and death at some point and understand just how important their cause is to the world.


This secret organization has an almost military-like efficiency in how they conduct their opperation, but many of the terms and themes are more from the medical profession.

Triage & Black Label

The term "triage" is a French word that means to evaluate or separate. The process of triage is common in the practice of military medicine or when dealing with large amounts of casualties. It's used to try and quickly determine medical priorities among masses. In triage, a black label is used to mark a person as dead or can not be saved. Both are strong themes in the Triage X series.


The teams for Black Label are classified by the name "Ampoule". An ampoule is a glass vial that is used for storing certain forms of medication. They are sealed at the top after being filled and used for hypodermic injection solutions.



Black Label Leaders - Masamune Mochizuki & Fiona Ran Winchester
Black Label Leaders - Masamune Mochizuki & Fiona Ran Winchester

Masamune Mochizuki

Masamune Mochizuki is a powerful doctor and chairman of the Mochizuki General Hospital. After a terrorist attack that took the life of his son, Ryu Mochizuki. He saved his son's best friend Arashi by using his own son's body. Now, his own body is being infected by a deathly disease, but he is using his time to find the threats to society and gives out the Black Label orders to the teams he created.

Fiona Ran Winchester

Fiona Ran Winchester is the director general of Mochizuki General Hospital and a staff member of Black Label. She looks after the organization and supplies the teams with all the equipment and information they need.

Team Ampoule One

Team Ampoule One - Arashi / Mikoto / Oriha
Team Ampoule One - Arashi / Mikoto / Oriha

Arashi Mikami

Arashi Mikami is the latest member of Black Label's Team Ampoule One. As a young boy he sacrificed himself to save his best friend Ryu Mochizuki. Though he protected his friends body, a head injury lead to him being pronounced brain dead. His own body was severely wrecked, and Dr. Mochizuki used his own son's body to save Arashi. He grows up to be socially awkward but loyal to the organization. Recently, he has been feeling as if something has been slowly taking control over his body.

Mikoto Kiba

Mikoto Kiba is a member of Black Label's Team Ampoule One and a student in Mochizuki High School as a third year. She's a foul mouthed fighter and expert motorcyclist that comes from a rich family. This has earned her the nickname "Rich-Girl".

Oriha Nashida

Oriha Nashida is a popular pop star known as "Ori-Ori" and a member of Black Label's Team Ampoule One. She's cute and full of youthful energy. She specializes in explosives and tends to go berserk.

Team Ampoule Zero

Team Ampoule Zero - Yuuko / Miki / Sayo
Team Ampoule Zero - Yuuko / Miki / Sayo

Yuuko Sagiri

Yuuko Sagiri is a member of Black Label's Team Ampoule Zero. She's a skilled doctor skilled with an enormous bust and sharp tongue. Her skill with the katana is on equal footing with the scalpel. With her special sword in hand she can slice part the human body with surgical precision. When in battle, her hair changes from brown to white.

Miki Tsurugi

Miki Tsurugi is member of Black Label's Team Ampoule Zero as a sniper. She's an anesthesiologist who often works with Yuuko both in and out of the operating room. She's also a chemical expert in creating a variety of specialty drugs.

Sayo Hitsugi

Sayo Hitsugi is a member of Black Label's Team Ampoule Zero. She's a member of the nursing staff at Mochisuki General Hospital and is strict but well loved by the rest of the staff and patients. When on a mission she shows a darker side as her incredible strength allows her to wield giant guns with great ease. Her incredible skill allows her to deal out the medicine for the criminal element to be as quick and painless as possible.

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General Information Edit
Concept Name Black Label
Japanese Name: ブラックラベル
Romaji Name: Burakku Raberu
Aliases Black Label Organization
1st manga book: Triage X #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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