Black Jack Rocks. The Remake? Not So Much

Topic started by gia on Aug. 18, 2009. Last post by Niko 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Now, everyone here knows, or should know, that a remake is not necessarily a vile thing. Naoki Urasawa is doing amazing work with Pluto, his new take on Astro Boy. Cutey Honey has been redone a half a dozen times, most of which are pretty enjoyable. Dragon Ball Kai is proving to be yet another way to get profit off of the same material. Casshern Sins is a great example of a fresh start to a franchise.

But there are some really awful remakes out there, too. And Genji Press (via Advanced Media Network) spotted one: Kenji Yamamoto's take on Osamu Tezuka's classic medical drama Black Jack.

You guys all know that Black Jack is my favorite Tezuka, so maybe I'm taking this too hard, but Genji's post shows that the new manga is a remake in the most literal sense of the word: Yamamoto has taken some of the best stories and simply re-drawn them.

SO much fail here. Who thought this was a good idea? I'm surprised that Mushi Production, who I believe handle the late Tezuka's works, even went for it.
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I'll just take my Vertical releases of the original, thank you very much (which are awesome, BTW).
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