Black Egg

Black Egg is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 11/12/2005

Black Egg Episode 3

As Team Satomi prepares for its second season race against Team Black Egg, Michiru is told some bad news in that the board of Satomi Industry has voted to stop funding the team. Michiru is given one day to find a sponsorship that will keep the team afloat or be forced to sell. On the track, the team has to figure out how to beat the impenetrable defenses of Black Egg.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

As the day for the race against Team Black Egg has come, Michiru is summoned by the board of Satomi Heavy Industry to discuss Team Satomi. It turns out no one on the board is willing to fund the team anymore and is demanding that Michiru sell and take the Satomi name off the team. She protests that forming the team was her grandfather's last wish and she will do whatever it takes in order to keep the team in the green. She begs them for one more day to find a corporate sponsor before she makes the final decision to sell the team. As she drives to the racetrack, she continues to make calls for someone to sponsor the team but no one is willing to support a rookie team. By the time she gets to the pits, the race has already started and is in the middle of lap one.

Black Egg is a real challenge for the rookie team
Black Egg is a real challenge for the rookie team

On the track, Satomi has the lead as they are waiting for the battle round of lap two to commence as they squabble some more. Michiru is briefed on whats going on as everyone can tell there is something wrong. Lap two starts as Takeshi tries to take out Ricardo Montazio but nothing seems to work. Both Glass Jones and Grant McKain want to end this as quickly as they can since they know their plans always work, especially against a rookie team. Their defensive strategy proves to be successful as all three members of Team Black Egg are extremely evasive and are able to use hologram projectors to keep clear of attacks. Takeshi manages to get a hold of Ricardo, but he promptly breaks his right arm as a result. Andrei waits for Michiru to call the pit stop, snapping her back to reality as Mark takes care of it. Andrei demands that she get her head back in the game since the team needs her. She storms off to continue making calls.

Takesh is soon repaired as lap two continues. He tries to aim for Ricardo again but all three members use a smoke screen attack to distract them and zoom ahead. In the pits, Mark stumbles upon Michiru who is desperate and frustrated that she can't find a single sponsor. She knows that this meant a lot to her grandfather and will not give in to the board no matter what. After their talk, Mark calls in a favor to someone before leaving back to the communication tower. As the race gets back underway, it turns out Fantine is watching from the bleachers as she knows Takeshi will win.

Now that lap three has come, Team Satomi has to do something in order to surpass Black Egg's defenses. Andrei hints that they simply need to crack the egg. Everyone is confused as Liz figures out that you need pressure since every defense has at least one weak point. The team strategizes as they come up with a plan as Michiru continues to make calls. Jesse tries to cheer her up with some special coffee but Michiru doesn't respond in any manner. With the race almost to a close, Takeshi pulls ahead of Ricardo and takes the lead before spinning around to attack him from head on. He puts up his smoke signal but realizes that Amy and Luca have snuck up behind him and now he is stuck in place as Takeshi pulls through with an attack, causing Ricardo to crach into Grant and get suck behind. Team Satomi switches to speed mode and takes the race. Elissa Doolittle and Jessica Darlin come by to get Fantine, noting that she proved her point that Team Satomi is a formidable opponent.

Michiru tells the team both some bad news and good news
Michiru tells the team both some bad news and good news

Down in the winners circle, the three celebrate their first official win in the IG-1 as Ricardo, Glass, and Grant watch from the crowds, nodding in respect that Satomi put up a good race. Benjamin Bright comes down to congratulate the team and gets a few words from them before they head to the party. As everyone is having a good time, Michiru comes in to a round of applause. She first thanks the team for putting up an amazing race today but then switches to bad news as she explains how she was pushed into the ultimatum by the board to get a sponsorship or sell the team. Everyone seems shocked since Michiru points out that since they are new, no one was willing to give them a chance. Things turned out to be okay though since someone called her with an amazing sponsorship offer. They go back to celebrating as they are true official members of the IG-1 circuit.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Takeshi Jin-Satomi-Forward1st15
Amy Stapleton & Luca-Satomi-Midfielder2nd7
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-Defender3rd5
Glass Jones-Black Egg-Defender4th3
Grant McKain-Black Egg-Midfielder5th2
Ricardo Montazio-Black Egg Forward6th1

Final Score

Winner: Team Satomi

Team Satomi: 27 Points

Team Black Egg: 7 Points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

1 Win 0 Loses 1 Tie

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