Black Cats Do Not Dream of Stars

Black Cats Do Not Dream of Stars is an anime episode of Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini that was released on 10/08/2009


Suo Pavlichenko's peaceful life in Russia is shattered by several rival agencies seeking her father and brother, all represented by the dangerous agents known as "contractors."


The meteor strike in Siberia.
The meteor strike in Siberia.

Two years ago in Siberia, a camping trip by the Pavlichenkos is interrupted by a meteor shower. As the twins Shion and Suo marvel at the beauty of the falling stars, one strikes at the center of their camp. The present-day Suo provides narration, explaining that the meteor shower was linked to the Tokyo Explosion that occurred at the time, and that the incident caused Shion to become a contractor.

Near present day in Vladivostok, MI6 agent April explains the health dangers related to secondhand smoke, much like another MI6 agent. After a bit of banter with the bartender, a man walks into the bar and asks for drinks. As April makes to leave, the man calls her by her code name, identifying himself as another agent, August 7, also known as the Magician. He informs her that the Russian authorities will b conducting a raid, and that another agent, July, is also in the area.

Suo taking photos after school.
Suo taking photos after school.

As Suo Pavlichenko tries to photograph a bird outside her high school the next day, she finds herself in an awkward situation: unaware that Suo is perched on a tree branch only a few yards away, her friend Nika confesses his feelings toward another of her friends, Tanya, asking her to be his girlfriend. Tanya accepts, and as Nika gleefully runs off, Suo takes several shots with her camera. As she takes one last shot of the blushing Tanya, the tree branch collapses beneath Suo, and she lands in a pile of snow. Tanya, mortified but happy, looks at the pictures with Suo.

Later, Tanya and Nika walk home together, while Suo and her friends head through the city to get some ice cream. In her narration, Suo explains that thirteen years prior, two "gates" opened in Brazil and in Tokyo, which were named Heaven's Gate and Hell's Gate, respectively. They also stop by a bookstore, where Suo purchases a book of photographs.

Suo arrives at home, where she sees a black cat sitting in a tree, looking through her window at her pet flying squirrel. At the front door, she meets a woman named "Bella," who works with her father at his lab. As Suo excitedly explains the day's events, the two head inside to have some dinner before Bella leaves. Afterwards, Suo goes to her room, where, as she unloads her things from school, she continues her previous narration, explaining that after the appearance of the Gates, the real sky disappeared, replaced by a fake, and that the stars that appear in the new night sky are linked to the lives of the beings known as contractors, who appeared along with the gates.

Suo's origami collection.
Suo's origami collection.

Suo goes to another room to see her brother. Shion now wears a bandage over his right eye, which was damaged during the meteor strike two years before, and seems to be wheelchair-bound. The room is decorated with brightly colored origami animals and some of Suo's photographs. After Suo tells Shion about the development between Tanya and Nika, the twins have a small argument about love; Shion calls his sister a romantic, but enigmatically states that he is glad that she can feel that way, and that such dreams are something that people wake up from, much like their now-separated parents did. Shion pulls out the book of photographs she purchased earlier, explaining that it was published by her mother; the book contains photographs of Hell's Gate.

After leaving the room, Suo encounters her father, who angrily reminds her not to spend too much time in her brother's room. Suo protests that she will spend time with him because he is her brother. Her father retorts that their being family does not matter when it comes to contractors like Shion, and that unless she realizes that, she will only get hurt.

Tanya summoning locusts.
Tanya summoning locusts.

The next day, Suo and her classmates notice that Tanya seems strange, and as they leave school, Tanya refuses to speak with anyone. As Suo runs worriedly chases Tanya, Nika follows. Nika asks Tanya why she won't speak to him, and Tanya answers that she has realized the "pointlessness" of their relationship, given that she has no intention of bearing his children. While shocked and confused by her strange change in perspective, Nika still refuses to leave, and Tanya's eyes glow red with Lancernopt radiation, showing that she has become a contractor. She summons a horde of locusts that attack Nika, but when Suo desperately cries for her to stop, the locusts disperse. Tanya pays her price as a contractor by ripping off the ends of her hair. The other students recognize that she has become a contractor and flee the scene to find a teacher.

Recovering from her shock, Suo chases after Tanya; in a flashback, Shion explains that the transformation into a contractor often happens in an instant. Contractors are taken to facilities run by the government, and those who knew them have their memories wiped of all contractor-related incidents through a form of ME-related technology developed by their father. Back in the present, Suo watches as heavily armed soldiers led by a government officer escort Tanya into a vehicle. Suo turns and runs toward her home.

At his lab, Suo's father is surprised to see Shion roll his way in. Shion reminds him that several safe tunnels were built between the house and the lab in case of a government raid. Shion then stands up from his wheelchair, explaining to his father that he has finished paying the price of his contract. In the meantime, Suo arrives at the house and sees that the government is beginning a raid of the area, and enters a safe tunnel through a tool shed outside the house. At her brother's urging, she makes her way to his room. At the lab, "Bella" pulls out a miniature grenade, tosses it to the floor, and walks out of the room. As several soldiers burst in through another door, the explosive detonates.

In Shion's room, Shion instructs his sister to put on his clothing and amber-colored necklace, saying that she will stand out less in his clothes, and that the necklace is a good luck charm. He tells her to find "Bella," then goes silent. Elsewhere in the tunnel system, "Bella" makes her way toward the exit, removing a wig and revealing herself as April. Over the radio, July tells her that while their target, Shion, is absent, someone is in the professor's office: an Easterner wearing a mask.

As she escapes through the tunnel beneath her father's office, she hears a man interrogating her father on the whereabouts of Shion and the "meteor fragment." When he provides no answers, the man seemingly electrocutes him; Shion enters the room to find her father's corpse. April bursts into the room, confirms that Suo's father is dead, and, under the impression that Suo is Shion, asks him what he knows. She soon realizes that it is Suo, however, and the two flee the building into the forest outside. As they run, the black cat from before runs by, and April shoots it.

April defeats the speedster.
April defeats the speedster.

They are stopped by a man eating a cheeseburger; he asks them to come peacefully, offering them some of his dinner. April tries to shoot him, but he proves to be a contractor with the ability to move at lightning speed. However, he also proves to have little control of the ability by running into a tree. After recovering, he explains that eating burgers is the price of his contract. April and the nameless contractor begin to fight; he uses his super speed to dodge her bullets, but proves unable to dodge thousands of raindrops when she summons a storm with her own ability. As a result of his own inhuman speed, the raindrops tear through his body, and he dies.

The Black Reaper fights April.
The Black Reaper fights April.

Exhausted, April pays her price by drinking from a bottle of alcohol. She sees the corpse of the cat she killed earlier; it is the cat that the body-hopping contractor Mao lived in during the months leading up to the war between the Syndicate and Evening Primrose two years prior. As she expresses regret at his death, a man wearing the mask of the Black Reaper appears and attempts to strangle her. In turn, she manipulates the water from her previous rainstorm to form in an orb around his head, hoping to drown him. Some distance away, July looks up to see a star falling, signifying the death of a contractor.

After the credits, April--presumably no longer able to maintain the bubble around the Black Reaper's head--collapses. In her last moments, she identifies the Black Reaper as the contractor BK201. Suo watches from the sidelines in terror as the agent turns to her.

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