Black Cat Characters

Black Cat is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Annette Pierce

Belze Rochefort

Creed Diskenth

The main villian who has a wierd obsession with Train


Eve is a genetically cloned engineered bio-weapon who is able to use nanotechnology to transform her body into various offensive and defensive weapons. She is very close to Sven due to him saving her and treating her like a real human.

Leon Elliott

Mason Ordrosso

Rinslet Walker

A thief who becomes close to the group

Saya Minatsuki

A mysterious girl that Train Heartnet encounters singing under the full moon on the rooftop. Saya later reveals that she is a rogue Sweeper and hunts down villains to collect bounty. Later on, Train admits that Saya was his first close friend.

Sephiria Arks

Head of the Chrono Numbers.

Sven Vollfied

Sven Vollfied is a former International Bureau of Investigation detective who now works as a sweeper (bounty hunter/P.I.). He was contracted by to rescue Eve, a nanotech-powered, bio-weapon girl and met Chronos assassin, Train Heartnet during the case. Later, the three became a sweeper team with Rinlet Walker.

Tearju Lunatique

A scientist who is very interested in nanomachines whose DNA was used to create Eve. Professor Tearju also appears in To Love-Ru Darkness as the creator/mother of Golden Darkness.

Train Heartnet

Former Chrono's Number XII and Currently a Sweeper

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