Black Cat

Black Cat is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Train Heartnet is a former elite assassin, now a "stray cat" who adventures alone- until he makes a couple of friends.

Chronos is a secret organization dedicated to maintaining the balance of the world, usually by destroying those who threaten to upset it. Train Heartnet was the 13th of Chronos' elite assassins until he met Saya, a sweeper (bounty hunter) who led him to question why he followed Chronos' orders blindly. Train left Chronos, only to have an obsessive follower of his named Creed Diskenth leave as well-- and kill Saya for "corrupting" Train. Two years later, Train has partnered up with Sven Vollfied, a former government agent turned sweeper. Sven is a kind-hearted gentleman with a practical mind and a very special eye: it lets him see into the immediate future (a few seconds or minutes only), but at the cost of his energy. On a mission together they meet Eve, a young girl who is being developed into a human weapon. She becomes attached to Sven when he treats her as a human rather than a weapon, and the duo becomes a trio-- and they're sometimes joined by a fourth, the thief Rinslet Walker.
General Information Edit
Name: Black Cat
Name: ブラックキャット
Romaji: Burakku Kyatto
Anime and Manga
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