Yen Press Hires a New (Demonic) Butler

Topic started by gia on July 12, 2009. Last post by gia 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Via Kuriousity, a forum-goer took a look at the back of the August issue of Yen Press' Yen+ anthology, whose cover is supposed to announce a new license. That new title? We're told it's Kuroshitsuji, the Black Butler-- which is the name under which they'll release the manga. I can't help but wonder if people will look at it and misinterpret the name?

Anyway, it's a popular series owned by Square Enix, so no big stretch for Yen to be picking it up. Still, in order to confirm this information I called around a dozen stores-- none of my local ones have a copy yet, so I called in the area where the poster is from and found one that had it, and they confirmed that the August issue has Black Butler on the cover. So there you go.

Kuri also notes that Yen is shifting from full-year subscriptions to 6-month ones, hopefully making it a bit easier to afford. The August issue will be its first anniversary (hence the new license).

And finally, Yen says that NaRae Lee, the artist of the Yen Press manga adaptation of James Patterso'ns popular Maximum Ride YA novels, will be doing a signing at San Diego Comic Con. Whew!
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Well fancy that, Yen Press has the license for both Pandora Hearts AND Kuroshitsuji now. Awesome! <3
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I need to fix my subscription before Lan dies of not having Kuroshitsuji
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I'm in such a squee fangirl mode. <3 Super squee fan mode. <3
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I've had the newest issue with Black Buttler for nearly a week now.  If I had known this was actually news worthy, I would've broken it days ago. =b
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@Nebs: Live and learn :)
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