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Black Butler is an anime series in the Black Butler franchise
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An effective mix of black comedy, mystery and the supernatural. Reviewed by Dream on July 10, 2011. Dream has written 149 reviews. His/her last review was for Blassreiter. 310 out of 325 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Black Butler was an anime that effectively mixed elements of black comedy, mystery and the supernatural exploring Ciel's involvement with various paranormal mysteries while seeking revenge with the help of his butler, Sebastian. The major bone of the series is focused around the bond between Sebastian and Ciel. The chemistry between the two is an interesting one considering their deal and Sebastian's not-so-normal origins. Both tend to snark on one another frequently in regards to their actions and thoughts with Ciel reprimanding Sebastian for some of his thoughtless actions and Sebastian going after Ciel for showing signs of remorse towards any victim caught in the way of his plans of revenge. Both however do show concern of one another thanks to the conditions of their deal.

In terms of the show's comedy, Black Butler gets its kicks off poking fun of the surprisingly funny moments coming from the show's various dark figures. From seeing an undertaker want jokes as payment for information related to a murder to an anachronism related to a Grim Reaper's weapon to some shocking information regarding the bungling servants of the Phantomhive manor, the show does well for the most part at delivering its laughs when you would least expect it.

The series is mostly spread out into a number of arcs where Ciel is sent to investigate random mysteries with aid from Sebastian where the circumstances to each case are not as they seem on the surface. The mysteries mix around both their serious and funny moments in regards to the supernatural origins regarding a perpetrator or are connected to Ciel's tragic past as he seeks his revenge. The show dabbles into quite a bit of dark territory with its mysteries showing the most corrupt sides of the human psyche with a number of characters who are aware or unaware of how flawed they truly are. This also rings true with Ciel's character as despite how corrupt he believes himself to have become because of his deal with Sebastian that he still retains some signs of morality, even while in denial of it.

In terms of visuals, Black Butler sports scenery which is vast and sporting a great amount of detail as there are a variety of settings to take in from city landscapes to countrysides to being on ships. The subdued color tones used with the settings and character designs do well at complementing the dark and gritty mood that the series gives off. However for a series that puts focus on its action, Black Butler's animation is noticeably subpar at points with shortcuts being apparent in action scenes with the only moments of highlight with animation coming from the movement coming from ships and horse carriages rendered in CG animation.

Overall, I got enough enjoyment out of seeing Black Butler thanks to its surprisingly funny black comedy, chemistry between Ciel and Sebastian and the developments surrounding Ciel's search for those responsible for his family's murder. If you are looking to get your laughs off of more macabre moments with solid plot development tossed into the mix, then Black Butler offers up a worthwhile choice for you to look into.
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