Special Watch & Learn: BLACK BUTLER #13

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 "Smell the glove."
 "Smell the glove."
A couple friends warned me that I wasn’t going to enjoy BLACK BUTLER but, surprise surprise, I enjoyed it a lot (even jumping into the middle of the series.) Maybe my only qualm about the show is that the Ciel kid looks grossly out of the place in turn-of-the-century London. Eye-patch and top hat? Sure, that fits. Blue hair and piercings? That would get him beat up on the street. I can see why he needs the Butler around to protect him.  Much like CHRONO CRUSADE, I’m really perplexed by the setting of the show. Historical fiction, steampunk, that all fits… but this seems like the creators just found the setting cool the way a fashion designer might suddenly find Scottish kilts cool as an items for a runway show. Like I said, turnabout's fairplay when it comes to cross-cultural appropriation but, still, as a Westerner I can’t help but be amused when the Japanese see a historical setting like this as something so cool to use.

The second volume of the first season of BLACK BUTLER is coming out soon from Funimation (like in a week) and I received the disc set from them just recently. I haven’t watched any of the prior episodes, so there’s definitely a lot I’m not getting here, but I could catch enough of the general thrust to want to see more. Unfortunately, the series is only (officially) streaming up until the fourth episode, so this is as far as we’re going to get.

Focusing on what I can comment on, I enjoyed the face-off scene between Sebastian and the Indians; especially how quickly and cordially the prince’s allegiances shifted once he figured out who was the actual aggressor in the situation. I don’t know exactly how many of the same people are involved, but considering how Square Enix is hosting and this is advertised as being “from the same people who brought you FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” I couldn’t help but see some similar currents with the Ishvalens’ predicament.

Anyway, like I mentioned, this episode is the thirteenth and it’s titled “His Butler, Dependent.” You can’t watch it online, but you get the DVD it’s featured on here.

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Nyaa~ My favourite series!! <3 Just wait for the second season. You think it's weird Ciel walks around with piercings and blue hair? A 14 year old boy prances around in booty shorts and tall high heel boots licking chess pieces and poking people's eyes out. XD
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The earlier episodes are available for streaming on Funimation, if you want to do a Watch and Learn starting from the beginning.
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People told me that I wouldn't like this anime either... Now I want to watch it!
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I loved this anime :) Season 1 and 2 :) but i just found season 1 better, plus I think Ciel looks awsuhm... he is the coolest 14 year old ive seen..
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I have yet to watch all of this but I plan to eventually get a season of it and sit through it. I'm glad your enjoying!
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I recently and I mean as recently as yesterday started watching this show on the Funimation Channel, and have been very hooked on it since, Don't think I'm going to put myself through the same online marathon watching session I did with Claymore, but certainly have written down the air-times on funimation channel and going to make a point to tune in. Pretty cool show, some of the British dub cast are a bit difficult to understand at times though.
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I'm so glad people like this show, for me it's the best haha, I'm glad Kuroshitusji keeps getting more fans!!!! By the way you should watch it in Japanese as it's better (Sebastian doesnt sound Old)
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@psicomaniatica: Haha In japanese he sounds like a sexy demon butler anime young'n! he is so hardcore :D
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thanks anime vice for the advice and I want to watch the 5th episode but I can't find it >.<
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I've only seen a couple of episodes, but I'm up to vol 4 of the manga, so I am interested in checking the whole series out.
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This is my favorite series too, and I'm really glad more people have taken a liking to it! I thought Sebastian was a vampire at first from Yen Press' description on their website >.< (demon butlers are waay cooler anyway)  
I'm really looking forward to part 2 of the first season, man. I want to hear Agni and Soma's voices! (and I WILL own everything possible that I can from this franchise; I just love Bassy and Grelle)
@Superevil225: I LOLed so hard at this.
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I've been skipping this on the Funimation channel since I never know what episode things are on and it would suck to see the last episode of something new to me first. This article reminded me to check it out so I rented and I'm glad I did, thanks! I've only seen the first half so far and I'm loving the craziness going on.  
Now I wait for the second disc to show up....... :'(
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