Black Butler Characters

Black Butler is a franchise comprised of 5 anime series, 2 manga series
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Agni is a former nobleman and currently works as a servant for Prince Soma.

Aleister Chamber

Lord Aleister Chamber,Viscount of Druitt, is a nobleman.

Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy is a new character of Kuroshitsuji II and apparently the main villain in the series.

Angela Blanc

Ash Landers' counterpart.

Ash Landers

Queen Victoria's butler. Split personality of Angela Blanc.


Also known as Bardroy. He is Ciel's cook but doesn't make anything edible because he uses weaponry, like flamethrowers, to cook meals.

Baron Kelvin

Baron Kelvin is the main antagonist in the Noah's Ark Circus Manga Arc.


Beast is the Noah's Ark Circus animal tamer and main star.


A character from Black Butler II and serves Alois Trancy along side his brothers

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the only child of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and owner of the Funtom company, a business that mainly sells toys/sweets. A supernatural/demonic contract binds him to Sebastian Michaelis, who promised Ciel revenge on those who ruined him in exchange for his soul.

Claude Faustus

The Trancy butler and main Antagonist from Kuroshitsuji II.


Dagger is a member of Noah's Ark Circus, and his specialty is throwing knives.


She is a First-String member of the Noah's Ark Circus and a tightrope walker.

Droccel Ceinz

A doll that kidnaps Elizabeth and leads Ciel into a maze.

Elizabeth Middleford

Elizabeth Esel Cordelia Middleford, affectionately known as Lizzie, is Ciel Phantomhive's cousin and fiancée.


Finnian is the Phantomhive's gardener.

Fred Abberline

A detective working on the Jack the Ripper case.

Grell Sutcliffe

Grell Sutcliff was the butler of Madam Red and also a Shinigami.

Hannah Anafeloz

Hannah is the maid of the Trancy Household. A mysterious woman; she is revealed to be extremely strong and keeps numerous weapons hidden on parts of her body. It is revealed by Grell Sutcliff that she is a demon.


Joker is the leader of the Noah's ark Circus and also Baron Kelvin's butler


Jumbo is a member of Noah's Ark Circus, and his specialty is fire eating.


Lau is a Chinese nobleman and friend of the Phantomhive family.

Luka Macken

Brother of Alois Trancy.

Madame Red

Madam Red is the aunt of Ciel.


Also known as Meilin. She has glasses and is very clumsy. She will often run into and break things.


Paula is Elizabeth Midford's maid and friend.



Pluto is the devil dog currently taking a home inside the Phantomhive Mansion.

Prince Soma

Prince Soma Asman Kadar is the prince of Bengal


Ran-Mao is Lau's personal assassin.

Ronald Knox

is a Shinigami who works with William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff

Sebastian Michaelis

The butler and bodyguard of Earl Ciel Phantomhive. He often states that he is "one hell of a butler."


Snake is one of the first-string members of the Noah's Ark Circus, he is the snake charmer and is capable of understanding snakes.


He is another butler of the Phantomhive household; however, he only really drinks tea. He can get serious when he needs to be.


is a character from Black Butler II and serves Alois Trancy


a character from Black Butler II and he serves Alois Trancy


Undertaker is a nobleman and a funeral director in London.

Vincent Phantomhive

Vincent Phantohive is Ciel's Father


Wendy is a flying trapeze artist and a member of the Noah's Ark Circus.


Claymore ranked #30

William T. Spears

William T. Spears is a supervisor from the Dispatch Management Division of the Shinigami.

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