Black Attraction

Black Attraction is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 09/10/2009
Now that Seto and Solva have appeared, the two of them easily deal with the Pretty Girl Squad, especially Solva, who simply uses her Magnetism power to fling the girls all around the Third Shelter. After combining their attacks with those of Teruyama/Uchida and Adam Blade, the Pretty Girl Squad decides to surrender and offers to give Eve back. As Blade rips Eve free from the cables, Cruz suspects something is wrong, and is confirmed when Eve's hand transforms into a drill and rips a large hole in Blade's chest.
Sometime later, another member of the Pretty Girl Squad (Kurumi) appears, telling the group about her Black Attraction power and how she used it to turn Eve into her loyal slave and unofficial new member of the Squad. Disk confirms that Kurumi used the power of her kiss to transmit a virus into Eve's brain that could control her, but she also says that they need Eve's "Doppelganger" ability to close the giant hole in Blade's chest. Disk tries to keep him stable for now, while Cruz thinks of a way to control Eve. 
The battle lines are drawn as Teruyama, Seto and Solva face off against Setsuna, Mio, Kuchinashi and the brainwashed Eve. First Solva tries to attack Mikuru directly, only to find out that she is simply projecting a hologram of herself into the room and can't be hit. Next, Cruz suggests that they can tire Eve out by simply waiting until she uses up her energy, but Setsuna opens up her clothes to reveal a can of super-concentrated Dero Doro gel implanted into her body, which continues to feed her energy so she can fight as long as she wants. 
Things look grim indeed as the episode ends.

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