Bixlow is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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One of Laxus's bodyguards who help him to start the battle for Fairy Tail during the Harvest festival. He has the power to control souls and place them into objects.


Bixlow, a member of Fairy Tail, is also part of the Raijinshuu, a team created by Laxus as his "bodyguards". In addition, he was one of the antagonists of the Fighting Festival Arc. Despite his attempts to annihilate some of Fairy Tail's members (i.e. Gray and Lucy) as part of Laxus' plan to convince Makarov to step down as the guildmaster and pass the torch onto him, Bixlow was spared the punishment of excommunication that Laxus had received and remained a member of the guild. He also became Fried's partner in the S-Class Examination Trial in Tenrou Island but following their defeat to Lucy and Cana, the two returned to Fairy Tail.

Bixlow's Fairy Tail insignia.
Bixlow's Fairy Tail insignia.

Fairy Tail Stamp: Bixlow has his tattoo located on his tongue.


Bixlow was created by Hiro Mashima, whose appearance was designed to correspond with his maniacal and strange personality, in particular, his head and face (i.e. his punkish hairdo and his tongue which he tends to stick out all the time) as well as his body language.

Character Evolution


Bixlow without his visor.
Bixlow without his visor.

Throughout the series, Bixlow's bizarre appearance has remained virtually unchanged. He still wears an armor with vertical stripes and a medieval-type visor that always covers the top half of his face. When he takes it off, he is revealed to have blue and black hair, with the shaved portions black and the prominent parts blue, and dark red eyes which turn green when he activates his eye magic.


Bixlow and Happy tease Lucy about her relationship with Loke.
Bixlow and Happy tease Lucy about her relationship with Loke.

From a normal person's perspective, Bixlow is seen as a deranged maniac (which is reinforced by his mannerisms), with a strong tendency to constantly laugh out loud manically. He also seems to have a perverted side as shown when Fried told Cana and Lucy (who were in bikinis) to put on some clothes while Bixlow responded by saying that its better this way. But like the rest of the Raijinshuu, he holds great respect towards Laxus and is willing to turn against everyone else on Laxus' command. He was even outraged and expressed resentment when he learned that Laxus was expelled from the guild. Apparently, he also respects Fried a great deal since he purposely lost to Cana and Lucy on Fried's request. Furthermore, Bixlow has become more open with the guild members such as Lucy whom he asks (alongside Happy) if she has a sexual relationship with Loke.

Major Story Arcs

Fighting Festival Arc

Gray manages to land a punch on Bixlow but it wasn't enough to finish the job.
Gray manages to land a punch on Bixlow but it wasn't enough to finish the job.

Bixlow is first seen in the beginning of the arc when him, Evergreen and Fried defeated a dark guild for mocking Fairy Tail. Once Laxus announces the battle for Fairy Tail, Bixlow immediately hunts down many of the guild's members but soon comes face-to-face with Gray, the last hope of stopping Laxus prior to Erza's and Mystogan's entrance into the battle. Although Gray puts up a valiant fight, Bixlow's dolls, with the aid of Fried's runes, proved too much for the ice mage.

Bixlow is defeated by Loke's Regulus attack.
Bixlow is defeated by Loke's Regulus attack.

Later, Bixlow encounters and fights Lucy. At the onset of their battle, Lucy summons Sagittarius but the rapid movements of Bixlows' dolls made it too difficult for the spirit to shoot them down with his arrows. He eventually becomes injured by the dolls' energy attacks and retires to the Celestial Spirit World to recuperate. Lucy then attempts to summon another spirit but is shocked to see her keys taken away by Bixlows' dolls who were, thereafter, about to send one of their ultimate attacks on her. But Loke manages to save her just in time and the two team up to defeat Bixlow.

After the battle for Fairy Tail, Bixlow becomes upset and openly expresses his disapproval over Makarov's decision to expel Laxus. Although he tries to convince him to stay, stating that Gray and Natsu would definitely defend him, his attempts were futile. Back at the guild, Bixlow is seen being more open to the other guild members such as Lucy who he repeatedly teases and nicknames "cosplay girl."

Edolas Arc

After celebrating the return of Gildarts along side Evergreen, Fried and Erza, he, along with the rest of the guild are sucked through an Anima and turned into lacrima. However, the guild is freed thanks to Mystogan (with the help of Team Natsu, Gajeel, Charle and Wendy), who returned everyone back to Earthland through the Reverse Anima Process. Hence, like the rest of the guild, he is unaware of the events of Edolas that took place.

S-Class Trial Arc

Bixlow is seen with the other Raijinshuu members welcoming Lisanna back and then, moments later, instigates a guild brawl. After a couple of days, Makarov announces Fried as one of the participants of the S-Class Examination Trial who chooses Bixlow as his partner.

En route to Tenrou Island, where the exam was set to take place, Makarov explains the rules in blistering heat which doesn't seem to bother Bixlow despite wearing heavy clothing. But Fried thought ahead and used his runes to trap everyone on the boat for 5 minutes except for him and Bixlow. On their way to the island Bixlow asks Fried why he didn't trap them for good and Fried replies that it wouldn't be a fair trial. Once they reach the island first, they choose a path that led them to a battle area. As soon as they notice Cana and Lucy as their opponents they immediately believe that they have this won because Lucy only beat Bixlow with Loke's assistance (who is currently Gray's partner) and because Cana was easily defeated by Fried during the battle for Fairy Tail.

Before beginning their fight, Fried tells Cana and Lucy (who were in bikinis) to put some clothes on while Bixlow commented that its better this way. Cana then realizes that Fried's weakness was attractive women in bikinis and played her Sexy Lady Card on him. With Fried immobile, Bixlow takes matters into his own hands and uses his dolls to attack Virgo, who was summoned by Lucy to help distract Fried. Bixlow states that such tactics won't work on him and proceeds to send a series of attacks on Cana and Lucy. Not wanting to lose, Cana uses her Prayer Fountain Card which releases beams of water in numerous directions but Bixlow's dolls manage to dodge it with ease. Lucy then uses the water to summon Aquarius, who floods the cave with water, defeating Fried and Bixlow in the process. Once Cana and Lucy leave and proceed to the next round, Bixlow rises and asks Fried if its alright with him. Fried reveals that he's okay with them purposely losing the fight because he owed them. Bixlow then says that they were lucky to run into them and returns to the guild with Gildarts and Fried.

Bixlow and Fried are ready to get serious.
Bixlow and Fried are ready to get serious.

However, when RustyRose confronted Pantherlily, Levy and Lisanna, Bixlow and Fried arrived to help the trio. With their great teamwork, RustyRose is defeated with Evergreen smiling at her fellow Raijinshuu members, grateful that she has such supportive friends.

Powers & Abilities

Human Possession

Bixlow's dolls release beams of energy to attack.
Bixlow's dolls release beams of energy to attack.

This magic ability allows Bixlow to seal wandering souls into dolls and other inanimate objects (i.e. manikins, etc.) and manipulate them. He has five dolls that he currently controls and uses in battle named Pappa, Peppe, Pippi, Poppo and Puppu (which he calls "my babies"), whereby they fly about rapidly and shoot beams of energy from their mouths to attack. Because of this power, Bixlow is able to see human souls, but despite this ability he has and remains physically weak as stated by Loke.

Doll FormationsDescription
Line Formation
The five dolls stand on top of one another and send a crescent beam at its target. Unlike its other attacks, this one can cut through its opponents.
X Formation
The dolls form an X to block incoming attacks.
Baryon Formation
The dolls spin in a pentagonal manner and release a large beam of energy capable of mass destruction.
Flight Formation
All the dolls form a horizontal line and on which Bixlow mounts on to to fly.
Victory FormationIts unknown whether this is a strategy or attack since it was never completed.

Figure Eyes

Bixlow's Figure Eyes.
Bixlow's Figure Eyes.

Like his teammates of the Raijinshuu, Bixlow utilizes an eye magic that allows him to turn anyone who looks into his eyes into dolls, allowing him to control their souls. It seems that this magic is constantly activated which may be why he conceals them with his visor in order to prevent him from turning his allies into dolls. According to Bixlow, his human possession and figure eyes magic is the ultimate combo and the only known people to have survived it are Lucy and Mirajane.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yoshihisa Kawahara
General Information Edit
Name: Bixlow
Name: ビックスロー
Romanji: Bikkusurō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #42
1st anime movie:
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