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Bishonen is a anime/manga concept
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Akabara Straus

Former ruler of the Kingdom of Night. He betrayed and destroyed his own country due to mysterious reasons and seeks to ressurect her wife, the one who nearly destroyed the world once.

Akio Ohtori

The attractive and sexually induced acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy. It's hinted that he and Dios were one and the same in his youth, but he lost his purpose as a prince making him possibly comparable to a fallen angel.

Aleister Chamber

Lord Aleister Chamber,Viscount of Druitt, is a nobleman.


Junpei's rival for Aya Toujo's affections.


Alfred Jones, representant of The United States of America during WW2.

Android 17

The brother of Android 18 and one of the two cyborgs that Doctor Gero created by combining a human with cybernetics.


A servant that was summoned by Caster for the Holy Grail War. He was ordered to guard the entrance of Ryuudou Temple on Caster's behalf.

Ban Mido

Known variously as "The Man with the Evil Eye" and "The Genius of Battles", he is the "B" in the Get Backers which also stands for Beta. He is 21 years old in the anime (18 in the manga)

Battler Ushiromiya

Battler Ushiromiya is the protagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, tasked to prove that magic is not killing people on Rokkenjima.


A 17-year-old prince of the Danes. One of the main characters of Vinland Saga.


The human representation of the country China in the anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers. Shown to have good art skills and raised Japan like a little brother.

Claire Stanfield

The Gandor family's personal assassin. Also called as Vino (the wine's name in Latin) for the bloody mess he leaves behind.

Dark Mousy

Dark Mousy is a conscious living in the DNA of Daisuke Niwa.

Duelo McFile

An upper class doctor from Taraak, who extends his service to the Crew of the Nirvana after becoming one of their captives, early on in the series.

Edgar J. C. Ashenbert


Arthur Kirkland is the man that is representing the United Kingdom during World War 2.

Eyes Rutherford

Fay D. Flourite

Fay is another main character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles who has fled from his home world. He travels, fights, and helps to search for Sakura's feathers alongside Syaoran and the group.

Future Trunks

The son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future.

Genji Shirahama

George Koizumi


A character representing Nazi Germany during WW2. As befits his country, he is tough, efficient, and very serious. He is only character that was not given a surname to go with his human name.


The mysterious eighth Servant of Fate/Stay Night. He's the self-proclaimed King of Heroes and the strongest Servant. He has a strange obsession with Saber.

Ginji Amano

Ginji Amano is the former leader of the volts from the infinity fortress where he was known as,"Raieti". He is now the partner of Ban Mido. His first name initial is the "G" in GB which also stands for Gamma.

Gojyo Sha

Sha Gojyo is a half-demon, a child of a youkai and a human and uses the Shakugetsujou, a metal weapon staff with a sickle and chain, as his primary weapon.


The leader of the band of the Hawks and main villain of Berserk. After being Guts closest friend, he has betrayed him and joined the God Hand - the most powerful servants of evil in the setting.

Hakkai Cho


Haku is a young boy from the Hidden Mist Village and loyal subordinate of Zabuza Momochi.

Hanabusa Aidou

"Idol" of Cross Academy, an aristocrat with an icy power, and Kaname's right-hand man.

Hayato Ichijiku

Hibiki Kugenin

A music-obsessed martial-artist who specialises in counter-attacks. One of the Eight Fists of Ragnarok.

Hikaru Hitachiin

The elder and less mature of the Hitachiin twins.

Ikki Takeda

A scrupulous delinquent who goes on to become one of Kenichi's most steadfast allies.

Izumi Sano


A personification of Japan during WWII. He is a quiet, hard-working person who is easily shocked by different cultures. China found him when he was just a small, new country and raised him like a little brother. He is shown to unsheathe his sword in times of danger.

Ji-Gun Yoo

Ji-Gun Yoo is a sword prodigy who targeted Shi-Woon Yi thinking that he is part of the S.U.C., but become his friend after discovering that he is not.

Johan Liebert

The "Monster" of Kinderheim 511 and the antagonist of the series Monster.

Kain Akatsuki

Better known as Wild and is also the cousin of Aido. He is one of Kaname's right hand men.

Kairi Okayasu

Kaito Domoto

Kaito, the son of a pair of musicians, is an avid surfer, as well as Lucia's love interest.

Kaname Clan

One of the few remaining pureblood vampires in existance, Kaname Kuran is the undisputed leader of the vampires at Cross Academy.

Kaoru Hitachiin

The younger, slightly more honest, arguably more mature of the mischievous Hitachiin twins.

Kazuki Fuchoin

Formally one of the 4 kings of the Volts, Kazuki is one of Ginji's best friends and loyal Leader Jubei. He is also cursed with the stigma. it greatly increases his abilities to maximum. Also, "Those who bear this Stigma exist to witness the final battle; The Ogre Battle".


The main character in Wolf's Rain. He is obsessed with finding 'Paradise'.


Alien, who comes first to earth. He doesn`t want work together with anyone. Kisshu fell in love with Ichigo and tries kill her crush, Masaya. But when Kisshu died, Ichigo cried for him.

Koga Taichi

Refered to often as, Koga the Kicker, he was part of Ragnarok's 3-man squad with Takeda and Ukita. He was usually seen as annoying by his partners and had a crush on Miu.

Kohinata Minoru

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru main character. Being too weak to protect his girlfriend Mutou Ryuuji dragged him to the world of Karate to make him more manly.



Kurama is a fox demon that has been reborn in a human body as Minamino Shuuichi after injuries from his original body forced him to take dire measures to survive. Influenced by a human upbringing, he is now much gentler and holds tighter to morals than before.

Kyohei Takano

A stubborn narcissist that has very little patience for anything or anyone. Unlike his other three friends, he has no "charm" of any sort to hit on girls with, only his looks and bad attitude.

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