Sket Dance #15 - Biscuit Dance

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 09/03/2010

Plot Summary

Saaya and Hosuke's debut

In the Twin-tail Tsundere Girl chapter, Bossun gets frustrated at Switch's Sim game. He states that no one has a thing for tsundere girls or that tsundere actually exist. Out of nowhere, Saaya barges in the Sket Dan's homeroom. Thus, proving Bossun wrong. Saaya requests the Sket Dan to help her get rid of her tsundere personality. They learn that Saaya gets along with girls but gets abusive with guys. Bossun proposes to Saaya that she can hang out with them, so she can get used to boys, mainly Bossun. At the end, the Sket Dan finds out that Sojiro is Saaya's big brother.

In the Fly! Hosuke chapter, Saaya leads the Sket Dan crew to an abandoned animal in the park. It turns out to be an owl. Bossun doesn't want to keep the owl, but Saaya convinces him to keep the owl until it heals its leg by using Bossun's quote against him. Switch scares the gang with his facts on owls about how they are carnivorous and harbingers of death. Surprisingly, Hosuke, the owl, is quite tame. The Sket Dan crew plan to release Hosuke at night. It ends up with Saaya and Bossun who are going to do the plan. Even though Hosuke flies off, he comes back with Madame Familia. On the following day, Switch thanks Hosuke for bring back the doll which he used to trade with Otakura to get back his Cynical Stick. In the end, Switch's stick is used a perching spot for Hosuke.

Chapter 130: Tsubaki's Lame T-Shirt Collection - After Sojiro calls Tsubaki's t-shirts lame, Tsubaki asks Bossun to help him because Sojiro promises him that he will wear Tsubaki's t-shirt if it's stylish.

School Rhapsody Arc

In the Skip! chapter, Kaimei High School is having a field trip to Niigata, and for deciding which class gets which rooms, Chiaki proposes a skipping rope competition. When Saaya volunteers to be the one to turn the rope, Horii argues that Saaya cannot do that since she is short. The two get into an argument. During practice, Saaya struggles to skip rope with her classmates. Even though her classmates find Saaya more easy to approach, Horii states that she doubts if Saaya will improve and that the class's chance of winning is better if Saaya is not going to jump. Saaya storms off and practices with the Sket Dan. On the day of the competition, Saaya's class did excellent as they reach 77 skips which is one short of Tsubaki's team. Saaya admits she is the one who tripped the rope, and she still gets respect and admiration from her classmates. Then, Horii asks Saaya why she lied for her sake in another area, and Saaya explains that they are alike. Saaya asks Horii to teach her how to ski. For Bossun's group, he gives them a big pep talk. Despite that, Bossun trips the rope and costs his class's chance to get the better room.

In the first chapter, Tsubaki remembers how he got stuck with Bossun's group on the bus due to drawing lots to solve the bus issues. Meanwhile, Saaya overhears two girls and how most couples are form on school trips. During the 20 minute break, Saaya spots Himeko and Bossun heading to the convenience store, and Switch greets Saaya. She asks Switch what does Bossun think of Himeko. Switch replies that it's not a romantic relationship, but he isn't sure. He tells Saaya to ask Bossun directly, and Saaya blushes a bit. Back on the bus, Himeko gets car sick, and she asks Chuma to help her. Unfortunately, Chuma has a scary pill case full of crazy drugs. Three of those drugs are the invisibility, the one that turned Bossun into a child, and the one that mixes up Bossun's facial expressions and emotions. Chuma asks Tsubaki and Bossun to test his Soul Swap drug since they are twins, and at the same time, Himeko takes the motion sickness drug. When Bossun and Tsubaki passes out, Tsubaki is the first one to wake up and acts like Bossun. Bossun wakes up and freaks at Himeko, and Himeko wakes up and states she is Bossun. It turns out that Tsubaki has taken the Hypno drug while Bossun and Himeko has taken the Soul Swap drugs. For the cure, Chuma suggests taking the same drug one more time should cancel out the effects. When Chuma looks at his pills closely, he realizes all of the Soul Swap drugs are actually Hypno drugs. This leaves Himeko and Bossun stuck in each other's bodies for the rest of the trip.

The second chapter is about Bossun and Himeko helping each dress. Then, Himeko (Bossun) has to use the toilet.

For the third chapter, Bossun (Himeko) helps Himeko (Bossun) use the toilet by putting a blindfold and ear muffs. With that done, Bossun (Himeko) has to pee, too.

In the fourth chapter, Bossun and Himeko go take a bath together because Bossun (Himeko) does not want Bossun to look at the girls. When Chiaki and Saaya asks Himeko (Bossun) to take a bath with them, Bossun (Himeko) frightens her friends by saying that she wants to bathe with Himeko to see her naked.


Japanese Release Date: September 3, 2010.

American Release Date: Unknown.

Chapter 127: Biscuit Dance, a Fun Playtime Chapter - "Bisuketto dansu tanoshii oyūgi kai no maki" (ビスケット・ダンス 楽しいおゆうぎ会の巻)

Chapter 128: The Twin-Tail Tsundere Girl - "Tsuinteeru tsundere gaaru" (ツインテールツンデレガール)

Chapter 129: Fly! Hosuke - "Tobe! Hōsuke" (飛べ!ホウスケ)

Chapter 130: Tsubaki's Lame T-shirt Collection - "Tsubaki dasa T korekushon" (椿ダサTコレクション)

Chapter 131: Skip!

Chapter 132: School Trip Rhapsody (1) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 1" (修学旅行狂詩曲-1)

Chapter 133: School Trip Rhapsody (2) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 2" (修学旅行狂詩曲-2)

Chapter 134: School Trip Rhapsody (3) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 3" (修学旅行狂詩曲-3)

Chapter 135: School Trip Rhapsody (4) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 4" (修学旅行狂詩曲-4)



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