Birth of Rave

Birth of Rave is an anime episode of Rave Master that was released on 07/06/2002

After Tower of Din Arc

Birth of Rave -RAVE誕生- (Reivu Tanjou)

Released on 7-6-2002

Origins: Shiba

Released on 4-30-2005

Short Plot Summary

Shiba explains how he meet Resha and Plue, how the Rave is made, how he become the leader of the Knights of the Azure Sky, and how the Rave got its name.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Higher and Higher" by Kumoko

"Rave-olution" by Reel Big Fish

At Garage Island, Shiba painting Cattleya's house while Cattleya does the laundry. Cattleya asks Shiba how he became the Rave Master. Shiba paints Resha Valentine in red paint, and he states that it is because of her. Resha decides his fate. Shiba begins his flashback of Symphonia kingdom.

Shiba explains that blood and tears were created when Raregroove Kingdom started expansion of their territory by taking over lands. Young Shiba hates being a soldier. During the ritual, Shiba refuses to raise his sword, and his general tells him that raising the sword shows that one is fighting for something. When Shiba is staring at the sky, he sees Resha dancing very exotically. Shiba becomes more and more entranced with her movement. Suddenly, Shiba finds Plue and freaks out by Plue who is holding a stag beetle. Resha tells Shiba that Plue is a dog. She explains that she loves dancing because dancing makes her happy and alive, her body hot, and her heart beat faster. Shiba and Resha introduce to each other.

The following day, the general tells Shiba that he is the special commander of the palace. Shiba meets Alpine, Deer Hound, Dalmation, and Clea Maltese. Alpine explains that Symphonia is creating Holy Bring with the power of a god, Etherion. Deer Hound tells Shiba that his job is to protect the Holy Bring. As Shiba is holding the crowd, the four Azure knights appear with Plue. Resha appears while Dalmation explains that Resha has the power of Etherion to create the Rave. Shiba overhears the crowd that creating the Rave is a painful ritual.

After the parade, Shiba wants to talk to Resha while the others feel that Elie should rest. Elie reassures them that she is okay. Alpine notes that Resha's headaches are frequent that they occur everyday.

When Shiba states that he will free Resha due to the painfjul ritual of creating the Rave, Alpine warns him that he will arrest him for that statement. Deer Hound and Maltese are eager. Maltese fights Shiba first and breaks his record. When the day is almost ending, Galein Musica passes Shiba who is on the ground. Shiba begs Musica to create the best sword. Galein Musica refuses him.

At night, Plue freaks out Shiba with a bug. Resha appears in front of Resha. Shiba helps Resha and Plue escape. Resha explains that she pick Shiba to be her personal bodyguard and that she cannot go outside to dance. After Resha explains how she got accepted in the palace due to her magic, Shiba asks her if she wants to leave Symphonia. However, Resha declines his offer because she says everyone is suffering and that she has to help them. Resha goes off to visit her home town and tells Shiba that she will give him something tomorrow noon.

During the rain, the four Azure knights give Shiba the Rave. Alpine tells Shiba that Resha has died in completing the Rave. While Deer Hound cries loudly, Alpine states that Shiba is the destined Rave Master. Alpine tells him that they are under his orders. Shiba raises his sword and will continue fighting for Elie's wish. Meanwhile, Galein watches Shiba's moment. The following day, Galein presents Shiba with the Ten Commandments and states the sword bear the stone for 50 years.

The flashback ends with Cattleya staring at the sky. She asks if the Holy Bring is the same as, and Shiba cuts her off with a yes. He tells her that he changed the name and based it off of Resha's name, so that they would remember her. He then paints over Resha's name with white paint, leaving only the first and last letter of her first name and her last name: R, A, V, E.

Ending Theme

"Hikousen" by Kumoko

"The Power of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige

Points of Interests

  • Shiba notes that Deer Hound's strength is like a bear.
  • Galein's friend looks like Hebi.
  • Haru Glory shows up in the sky but does not speak. No voice actor needed for Haru.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Hiro Mashima Writer The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.


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