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Hello, in my previous blog I talked about how over the next month, I'll be finishing watching a handful of anime. And I promised to write a MUCH shorter blog post about what anime I'm planning on watching next. With soooo much anime available for free online legally, I have lots of anime that I want to check out. The ones below I've been excited to watch for a while, and now I finally get the chance! I am NOT going to give plot summaries, I'm just going to talk about my expectations going into the anime.

The Anime at a glance

  1. Casshern Sins
  2. Claymore
  3. Tetsuwan Birdy Decode
  4. Gurren Lagann
  5. Pet Girl of Sakuraso
  6. Kobato

The above anime are available via or

Casshern Sins

Somebody on this site had praise for Casshern Sins, the art style and the story. So it's been on my radar for a while. I know next to nothing about this anime except that the protagonist looks like of like a power ranger and the art looks really nice. I'm looking forward to watching something actiony and entertaining.


A medieval setting anime, centered around a lithe blonde female knight. I heard this anime gets a little dark and gorey, and that the story has some depth to it too. I'm looking forward to getting to know this anime's heroine, hopefully her character has some depth and the story brings out something interesting.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

I've heard and seen great things with the animation of this series. The story is something about a guy sharing a body with a hot female alien superhero? It sounds and looks fun, so I'm excited.

Gurren Lagann

GAIIINAAXXXX YOooooooo. I was jumping up and down in my seat when I heard that Crunchyroll had acquired Gurren Lagann. An incredibly popular anime from the people who made Evangelion and FLCL. I've heard the Gurren Lagann gets pretty crazy like FLCL, so that should be fun and exciting. I'm expecting something like Redline? I know that female sniper is a pretty popular cosplay option, I don't understand why she just looks like a slut, but maybe watching the series will enlighten me.

Pet Girl of Sakuraso

Alas I thought I swore off traditional slice of life/comedy after K-ON Season 2, but somehow I keep coming back with something. It's not really my genre of choice anymore, but I've heard some good things about this anime from some peeps on this site. The art looks bright and unique enough that it gives me some hope for the characters actually having some depth, which is becoming harder to find with the influx of moeclones these days.


I feel like I haven't had enough Kana Hazawa in my life lately. She plays the lead in this anime as a Marry Poppins-like character from outerspace?? I'm not too sure, but it kind of reminded me of Chobits, and I've been meaning to check it out for a while. Here's hoping that the animation and story is good and Kana Hanazawa brought her A-game.


So the question is when will I start watching these series, and will I be blogging about them again? Uhh I don't know, it will still take me a few weeks to finish watching a lot of the anime I listed in my previous blog. So, slowly as I complete different anime series, I'll start watching anime from this list. I can't make any promises about blogging more about these anime, but I'll see.

Any thoughts or warnings about approaching these anime? Leave a comment below! o3o.. or don't.

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Nearly three weeks have passed since the end of exams, and while I haven't posted so much as a snippet here since, it's been a good month for anime so far.  The second season of Darker Than Black is even better than I'd expected, and Hanasaku Iroha is a pleasant surprise among a flock of less than stellar-looking new shows. 

An even bigger surprise, though, is the posting of both dubbed seasons of Birdy the Mighty: Decode on hulu.  I loved the hell out of this show when I watched the subtitled version nearly a year ago, and seeing that Funimation's put the English dub up, for however short a time, was an extremely nice start to my morning.

Decode follows a (space!) Federation agent named, well, Birdy.  During an undercover investigation of a (space!) fugitive named Geega, Birdy makes the common rookie mistake of punching a high school student in half.  To save his life, Birdy lends him her body, and the two end up leading a double life; the student, Tsutomu Senkawa, spends his days surviving high school and the perils of young love, while Birdy occasionally takes control to hunt down (space!) fugitives.  Inevitably, their separate lives become inextricably tangled, and by the end of the first season, both end up struggling to save the world from certain doom.

While the story is enjoyable and the characters are endearing, the show stands out more for its smooth animation and distinctive musical style, both of which play a huge part in making the plentiful fight scenes more exciting than the average fare.  Birdy does most of her inline skating and alien punching (these two activities are not mutually exclusive) to some pretty epic orchestral tunes.

Which was all very fine and good in Japanese, but how does the English dub hold up?  Well, long story short--it's good so far.  The principal voice actors all do a great job, and while I wouldn't call their performance uniformly better than that of their Japanese counterparts, I certainly wouldn't call it worse, either.  My favorite out of the bunch, at least in the episodes I've watched this morning, is probably Tsutomu himself, whose voice actor brings a fun mixture of honesty and snark to much of his dialogue.

Birdy the Mighty: Decode is a very good series, and putting the dubbed version up will hopefully give newcomers an incentive to give the show a chance.  You can find the first episode here on hulu, or here on YouTube.
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Super Duper Mini Review

Birdy the Mighty Decode (aka Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode) is an anime adaption of the Birdy the Mighty remake manga.  Birdy the Mighty: Decode consists of two seasons and one OVA, which were produced by A-1 Pictures.

Show Info

Genres: action, science fiction


alien, body switching, gender switch, space
Plot Summary via Anime News Network

Federation investigator Birdy chases the space criminal Geega through space to Earth, where he hides in the entertainment industry under a human disguise. Birdy goes undercover herself, posing as famous model “Arita Shion” that often uses a ‘space girl’ look. A male student, Senkawa, stumbles upon a fight between the two one night in an abandoned building only to be severed in half as he is used as a shield by Geega against Birdy. Birdy heals him from imminent death in some fashion- but Senkawas body, and life, are now changed and permanently linked to Birdy.

Pros and Cons

  • An entertaining cast of characters.  Great main characters and lots of great side characters.
  • Enjoyed the mix of modern day Japan and Sci Fi.
  • Some flashy action scenes that look great.
  • Liked their own sci fi concepts that were present in the show.
  • While it didn't bug me that much, the second season really didn't need to get dark.  The first season was a fun and entertaining show with some drama and goofy atmosphere.  The second season gets darker with a more serious tone and has lots of gore.
  • The show ends with no clear ending whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

A fantastic action/sci fi show set during modern times.  Just wish there was a better ending in season 2.

Who is this for?

If you are a fan of the sci fi genre and don't mind a goofy atmosphere, definitely check it out.  If you want to check it out, the first and second season are available to watch at Hulu.

Sources *Spoilers Abound*


Don't forget to check out my ongoing blog for my Super Duper Mini Reviews and my written reviews.            :) 

Q: What's a Super Duper Mini Review?
A: Well, since I'm done with long, written reviews for now, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I watch.  For some info about the show like genre, plot summary, etc., I borrow (mainly copy and paste  :P) some info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia or the Anime Vice wiki.  So people wont think I'm plagiarizing, I do post sources.
Q:  Why are these blogs so short and half assed?
A:  Well, I want to put in as little effort as possible.  Why?  Cause I'm lazy.
Q:  Do you care if people don't read these?
A:  Kinda.  One of the main things that keeps me making these things is so I can spread the word of shows/mangas that people aren't aware of.
Q: Sometimes there a few or no cons, does that mean the show is perfect?
A: No.  Usually when I make these, I like to highlight the things I liked more then the negatives.  I'm one of those people who enjoys just about anything as long as it's entertaining.  I can easily look past a show's faults if I find enjoyment from it.  Remember, nothing is perfect.

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