Birdy the Mighty DECODES an OVA

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Masami Yuki's Birdy the Mighty, a sci-fi comedy manga about a guy whose spirit gets stuffed into the body of a hot agent of the Interplanetary Federation (whose spirit is in the body with him), has had a funny bumpy road in terms of anime. Eight years after its publication finished (in 1988), a six-episode OVA was released. Then in 2003, a manga remake came into being (also by Yuki), which completed in 2008-- when a full TV series aired. The series was popular enough to justify a sequel which is currently airing in Japan, and even a sequel manga to the remake has started running.

Now, Birdy the Mighty returns to its OVA roots. Due out July 22, this two-episode OVA disc is called Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE -Cipher-. We don't have any story details yet, but the release will include a special booklet that will presumably feature art and information.

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Nice. I'm afraid I enjoyed the original OVA series more than the TV series, but more Birdy anime is fine by me. However, some of Birdy's animation in the TV series is really awesome (I specially love when they show her running from rooftop to rooftop and the "sparks" / lights that fly out from her contact with the ground, so you can follow the lights and know where she is, even if you don't clearly see her).

Love her character design, too. (And like when the TV series more when it focuses on her, and not Tsutomu or his friends).
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