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Alien bird people from the ThunderCats franchise. Also known as Birdmen. They come in a very wide array of sub-species including but not limited to Eagles, Hawks, Vultures, and Owls.

In the episode Legacy, Bird people were brought to Third Earth to serve as slave labor along with numerous other animal people centuries ago by Mumm-Ra, Their ancestors joined the Thunderians, Lizards, and Jackals in the rebellion against Mumm-Ra. Sometime later the species once again split into factions and the birds were no exception. 
In the episode The Forrest of Magi Oar, a large sentient owl-like creature named Viragor is encountered by the Thundercats, it is unclear if he has any relation to the birdmen race.
The bird people were next seen in the episode New Alliances, and were about to execute the Monkey murderer named Addicus for his crimes against their people (killing and eating them and other cruel acts) the group of birds at Addicus' execution dropped the monkey from a cliff but he was rescued by Slithe. Addicus agreed to join Mumm-Ra to repay Slithe, but not before he killed the birdmen who attended his execution.
Later in the 2-Part season one finale, What Lies Above. the ThunderCats travel to the bird city aboard their jet, The Fe-Liner, where they meet the birds evil, and extremely intelligent leader, the Vultureman named Vultaire, who is in possession of the Tech-Stone.
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Concept Name Birds
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Birdmen
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: ThunderCats #7
1st anime movie:
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