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Hidemi Kinoshita

Hidemi is a frail yet manipulative girl in the Btooom! franchise.


known by her game username, Himiko is a mysterious Schoolgirl that arrived on the island as part of the "Game", and eventually teams up with Sakamoto.

Isamu Kondo

Isamu is a character in the Btooom! franchise.


Kaguya is a young girl who is a member of Sanctuary.

Kiyoshi Taira

Kiyoshi Taira is a another character in Btooom! who teamed up with Ryouta and Himiko.

Masahito Date

Masahito Date is a sadistic, manipulative doctor in Btooom! franchise.

Masashi Miyamoto

Masashi Miyamoto is a character in the Btooom! franchise.

Misako Hojo

Misako Hojo is a character in Btooom! franchise.

Mitsuo Akechi

Mitsuo Akechi is one of the Btooom characters.

Nabutaka Oda

Nabutaka Oda is a character in Btooom!

Ryouta Sakamoto

The protagonist of Btooom! He is a champion player of the game on Xbox, and when sent to a mysterious island, he must put his skills to the test in order to survive. his starting BIM type is timer.

Shiki Murasaki

Shiki Murasaki is a former survivor stranded on Btooom! island in the Btooom! franchise.

Soichi Natsume

Soichi Natsume is Kira's lawyer in the Btooom! franchise.

Yoshiaki Imagawa

Yoshiaki Imagawa is a character in the Btooom! franchise.

Yoshihisa Kira

Yoshihisa Kira is Kira's father in the Btooom! franchise.

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