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Big O is an anime series in the Big O franchise
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Alan Gabriel

Alan Gabriel is a psychotic cyborg in the "Big O" anime series.

Alex Rosewater

The main antagonist of Big O. Alex is the chairman of the Paradigm Group who desires the power of the megadei.


A femme fatale who has been seen as a investigator for Paradigm Power Management and a publisher for Paradigm Press. She bears two long scars one her back giving the impression that she once had wings.

Big Ear

Roger's informant who hangs around the bar Speakeasy.

Dan Dastun

The Chief of the Military Police in Paradigm City who is friends with Roger Smith since the days they served together for the Military Police.

Jason Beck

Norman Burg

Roger Smith's butler who is resourceful and talented. He also the caretaker of the Big O robot.

R. Dorothy Wayneright

Dorothy is the android sidekick of Roger Smith in the Big O series.

R. Instro

A android and good friends with Roger Smith and Dorothy. He taught Dorothy to play the piano.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith is Paradigm City's top Negotiator and the pilot of the ancient megadeus known as Big O.


Once a reporter but became obsessed with revealing the truth to Paradigm City. He has discovered various secrets beneath Paradigm City including the Megadues Archetype and Big Duo.

Timothy Wayneright

A brilliant and somewhat neurotic roboticist, who entered into a business partnership with Soldano and Beck to create machines modeled after his deceased daughter Dorothy.

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