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A negotiator by the name of Roger Smith does his work using a giant robot in a city that cannot remember anything more than 40 years ago.


Paradigm City is a city with a peculiar story; none of its residents can remember any events beyond 40 years ago.  It is unknown why the entire city experiences this odd case of amnesia, but some citizens speculate that a catastrophic event occured 40 years ago and caused everyone to lose their memories. Roger Smith, the main character of the series, works in Paradigm City as a negotiator, working out deals of several kinds, be they between two companies or a wealthy man and the kidnappers who kidnapped his daughter.  On one such case Roger is sent to rescue a young girl who goes by the name of R. Dorothy.  R. Dorothy, however, turns out to be an android.  Roger also discovers that the is a second Dorothy, Dorothy 1, that manifests itself in the form of a giant robot causing destruction around the city.  Beck, the man who first kidnapped R. Dorothy, is the one piloting Dorothy 1.  In response, Roger summons his own giant robot through the use of his wristwatch.  That robot's name is: Big O.
After stopping Beck from destroying the city, Roger ends up taking R. Dorothy into his custody to live with him.  Together, the two of them continue to take cases all while trying to learn the mystery of what happened 40 years ago.


The Big O was actually meant to have three seasons, but a lack of budget resulted in a rather rushed ending at the end of the second season, leaving many viewers puzzled.
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Name Big O
Name: ビッグオー,
Romaji: Biggu Ō
Publisher Sunrise Inc.
Start Year 1999
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