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News The Great Anime Cover Up! Aug. 25, 2010
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As you know, I have a series of lists where I classify anime girls according to their bust measurements in cm, resulting in the following categories:

The problem is that recently I have been asking myself how good or bad is this classification and I have compared it with other classifications of the same type. The one that seems to be commonly accepted, is this one which uses the cup size as criteria to determine the breasts size, however I don't think that classification is the best, considering that most of the girls in my lists have an unspecified cup size and that not all the girls wear the correct bra size. Besides that, the cup size is not only determined by the bust measurement, you also need to know the underbust measurement and follow an specific method, which can lead to situations where you have a girl with a bigger bust measurement than other one, but a smaller cup size, for example:

Also is important to mention that the systems for labeling bra size, vary depending on the country, so sometimes you have to make conversions. That's why I prefer to make classifications depending on the bust measurements in cm, however I still don't know if I should add or remove categories or just change the numerical range of each one.

I'm fine with the "Giant", "Huge", "Small" and "Flat" categories, however I don't know if it's ok to keep the "Large" and "Medium" categories with a numerical range smaller than the other categories, I mean, I originally planned to combine these 2 into one called "Average Breasts League [80-89]", however that would cause characters that have big boobs like: Ikaros, Sylvia van Hossen and Lucy Heartfilia to be labeled as "average", which sounds totally wrong.

So, my question for you guys is, what do you think I can change to make my lists a little bit more accurate or fair?, I know that in anime/manga some measurements don't make any sense, I just want to have categories that are in the "room of reason", if you know what I mean.

I hope I explained myself properly, and that you can leave me a comment. Thanks.

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Everyone's favorite oppai anime has new character arts

Oppai anime Maken-Ki has been rescued from its generic character designs and is being resurrected with a new production staff, being directed by XEBEC’s Hiraku Kaneko (Qwaser, Manyuu, and the designer of Cattleya) and with the famously voluptuous character designs of Akio Takami (Kanokon, Ladies vs Butlers! and Upotte!).

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Hello Binbogami Ga! fans, this news is a bit late for those who already read the Crunchyroll's article on September 1st. I accidentally found this article when I was out image hunting for the recent Binbogami Ga! episodes, the wiki project.

Synopsis for those who are new to the show:

Sakura Ichiko is a young girl who is well endowed and blessed with athletic skills, wealth, intellect, and beauty. Some would say that she is extremely lucky, and that would be correct. Turns out that a god made a mistake and gave Sakura ridiculous amount of energy known Happiness Energy, mythical power that gives luck to people. Sakura's Happiness Energy is too much for normal human being, so much that she is actually absorbing other people's luck, causing imbalance of Happiness Energy and bringing misfortune to others around her. Momiji, the Japanese god of poverty and misfortune, is sent to suck out some of this energy in order to restore the balance of karma in the world. Sakura however doesn't cooperate and decides to fight against a god. Sakura and Momiji clash between each other as opposites. Which girl will emerge victorious?

The oppai pad or breast mouse pad for Ichiko is 3D which is pretty unique to say the least. I wonder how 3D will make it more erotic. Don't answer that. Anyway, I tried looking for Momiji's breast pad, but I couldn't find one.

It's 3D!
It's 3D!

Here we have a body pillow with Momiji and Ichiko are opposite sides in risque lingerie. Momiji has a see through gown which is nice by the way, and Ichiko is playing the innocent girl part with her flower and pink & white color scheme.

Price: 3,300yen ($42)

Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow
Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow

In episode 2, Momiji and Ichiko had a hilarious scene where Momiji tells Ichiko in order to boost ratings they should sell oppai pads especially since Ichiko has such big boobs. Then, little Ichiko shows Momiji's breast mouse pad which is flat like a board, and the two laugh for bit. Of course, Momiji vents her rage on Ichiko.

Price: 8,800yen ($112)

Thank you guys and gals for reading this late news article. Yeah, it felt strange talking about breast mouse pads. Believe me, it's really hard not to laugh.

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See if you can find what VIZ is trying to hide in this summer's releases of BLEACH.

While I was updating many of the manga covers in the BLEACH series to the U.S. editions. I noticed a little touch in all the VIZ Media releases. There are two particular volumes where these two manga have an oh-so convenient placement of the title card that wasn't there in the original Japanese versions. Take a look at the images before and see if you can find the change.

BLEACH Vol. 42 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 42 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 46 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 46 JPN to US Comparison

As you can see, VIZ moved the BLEACH title to slightly cover the rather prominent breast for both Tier Halibel and Rangiku Matsumoto on BLEACH Vol. 42 and Vol. 46. It's just sort of a silly edit. As if we aren't going to suddenly notice they are there. I guess there is more of a case of Matsumoto's version. If they put it at the top, it would have covered her face. It's not really a big deal as long as the art inside isn't changed. I just thought it was kind of funny.

While we're on the topic, I'd love to ask why they don't keep the volume names on the covers. They do the same thing to NARUTO and ONE PIECE.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt

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Welcome to Featured Figures; a blog feature highlighting a handful of figures, my thoughts on them, the dents they'd leave in your wallet and maybe even links to sites you can buy them from. Let me know what you want to see from these blogs and I'll see what I can do.

Son Goku SSJ, 1/8th scale, Clear Hair Ver. (Medicos Entertainment)

Screaming, as usual
Screaming, as usual

This is easily one of the most bad-ass Dragon Ball Z figures I've seen, and boy has there been a lot of DBZ figures over the years. Not only does this Goku figure have really great looking clothes--all the folds and highlights look really great--but look at that hair. Dude has glass hair, well... I imagine it's really semi-transparent plastic, but it certainly looks the part.

This is version 2 of the figure, with the original featuring boring not-awesome hair, so clearly this is the version to get. The equally awesome Super Saiyan aura around Goku's feet is also a great touch.

What do you think? Is glass hair cool or weird?

Goku is listed at ¥9,200 on Amazon Japan (approx $112 or £71) and $117 on Hobbyfan but currently out of stock.

Samus Aran, 1/8th scale, Zero Suit ver. (Max Factory)

Sleek Samus
Sleek Samus

I have a weird relationship with Metroid games. I acknowledge that they're great, in fact I think very highly of them, but I don't think I've ever finished any of them. Particularly whenever I take a crack at Metroid Prime, I just don't get on with it, not really sure why. Maybe I'll finish one eventually, in the meantime I'll just admire gorgeous figure renditions of Samus like this Metroid: Other M figure from Max Factory. If it's too hard to tell Samus is a woman with her power suit on, there's certainly no question when she takes it off.

I love how sleek this figure looks, I don't know if Samus normally looks as tall as she does here, but I guess I haven't played Other M so maybe one of you knows better than me. There's some nice detail on the gun, and the Metroid looks great too.

Samus can be pre-ordered for $103 on Hobbyfan (approx £65) or $130 on J-List (approx £82)

Kobato Hasegawa & Maria Takayama, 1/7th scale (Max Factory)

Super cute
Super cute

Okay, I haven't watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai yet, but these figures are adorable. These are sold as two separate figures, but as you can tell they obviously go together, which is a classic trick to get twice as much of your hard-earned money from you.

I literally can't find fault with either of these figures. They're cute, the hair looks good (while not quite as glassy-looking as Goku's hair, it's similar) and their outfits look especially great. I appreciate it when sculptors put in extra effort to make the clothes look separate from the figure, you know, like actual clothes. Like the "Zero Suit" Samus is wearing, these playboy-style catgirl outfits are super glossy.

These figures can be pre-ordered for $88 each on Hobbyfan (approx £55) or $105 each on J-List (approx £66)

Chifusa Manyuu, 1/4th scale (A+)

Skimpy Samurai
Skimpy Samurai

For those with more risqué tastes we have Chifusa Manyuu from Manyuu Hikenchou. The biggest figure in this selection at 1/4th scale making it more of a statue than a figurine. Chifusa comes with a katana and completely removable attire that already barely covers her expanding bust (in the show, the figure itself doesn't expand... that would be weird).

I'm not really sure why her hair is so blue, I'm pretty sure it was black in the anime, but I like how... soft she looks. That probably sounds weird, but it's easy for figures to look very solid since they're made of plastic, and this doesn't. If you're looking for something a little lighter on clothing and bigger in size, this may be the figure for you. With that sword it would probably make a pretty good letter-opener too I guess.

Chifusa can be pre-ordered for $210 on Hobbyfan (approx £132) with extra shipping fees.

What do you think of these figures? Ready to order one? Or are you like me, preferring to appreciate them from afar instead?

Daniel Newton is a moderator for Anime Vice and Screened. Follow him on twitter: @Daniel_Newton and @AnimeVicers

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I ran into an old QOTD topic that used to work on this site days ago and thought that I might as well answer it. I happen to love Healthy Girls a lot more than D.F.C.'s (Delicious Flat Chests). In fact, I actually cringed the first time I heard of what D.F.C. means (Laughed it off afterwards). I'm normally not bothered by women's breast sizes in anime (which means small B-Cup boobs don't bother me either), but I also get bothered if they're WAY too big.
Those are perfectly fine, but.....
THESE have gone too damn far! (no offense if any of you love this, though.)
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I Took On the Search for Tsunade and Survived!!

I've been a user who has undertaken rather crazy projects on Anime Vice for no particular reason. It started with filling out the episode information on the One Piece anime series page. Even now, I've nearly completed formatting all 490+ episodes. I could have it all done if I hadn't sworn off fan subs for this series and FUNimation hasn't reached the Thriller Bark story arc just yet. Other series I've worked on formatting episode pages has been both seasons of Strike Witches, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the second season of Negima!?, Okami-san, and the entire first season of Code Geass. Well, I've taken a break on One Piece once more on the Naruto series.

With formatting character profiles. I just notice that profiles with so much detail in the story arcs aren't very helpful to people new to anime or manga. Why do these character pages need to be so filled? We have actual profiles for all these episodes/volumes. I got to thinking that if the episode profiles were well filled out with all this detail, all we would need to do is write simple plot summaries and link readers to the actual episodes to learn more fine detail. Even I'm considering going through my infamously large Nami profile and condensing the story arcs.

Tsunade Project

It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
I've always liked Tsunade and I decided one day to try getting the ball rolling on the first Naruto series by filling out the episode profiles on one story arc as an example for the next. I chose the Search for Tsunade arc that was listed in episodes 81-100. It was about 20 episodes in the entire arc and I filled out each and every page with the same level of detail that dedicated to One Piece, but more so in the summary of the episode events.

I filled out every character that appeared in the episode and their appropriate voice actor. I was rather shocked that for as long that Anime Vice has been around that I was the person who had to create the profile for Naruto's English voice actress. The actress that had been listed all this time was the wrong one. Someone marked Naruto's voice actress as the women who voices Naruto only when performing his Sexy Justu technique and changes into a naked woman. I also had to make Tsunade's English voice actress profile. This was only a month or so ago when I started this project. I did this along with the 35 character profiles I formatted.

Check out the my work
Episode 81 - HERE
Episode 82 - HERE 
Episode 83 - HERE 
Episode 84 - HERE 
Episode 85 - HERE 
Episode 86 - HERE
Episode 87 - HERE 
Episode 88 - HERE 
Episode 89 - HERE 
Episode 90 - HERE
Episode 91 - HERE
Episode 92 - HERE 
Episode 93 - HERE 
Episode 94 - HERE 
Episode 95 - HERE 
Episode 96 - HERE
Episode 97 - HERE 
Episode 98 - HERE 
Episode 99 - HERE 
Episode 100 - HERE 

Now, for all these characters that appeared in this arc only need a brief description of what happened on their character page. The reader can just be directed to the episode pages to get the finer points.

I would like to see this as one part of a much larger initiative to start getting other users to start filling out episode profiles on this and other series a few episodes at a time. Using this arc as a high quality standard.

Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for lesson updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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Why does anime have so much fanservice? I find a lot of series are fantastic, but the fanservice made them lose a viewer. For example High School Of The Dead. I just watched the first episode. Let's first get this out of the way, I love zombies. So much!! So the zombie part is no biggie. I don't mind violence, I wouldn't say I love it, but I watched the Punisher War Zone and Kick-Ass and didn't flinch. The anime (believe it or not) is really deep, and well done. The CG looks out of place, but in what anime does it look normal? It's just there was so many ass shots, I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. Not to mention the jiggling jugs of women-ness hanging off of every female's chest. It's just too much. 
I also find it slightly offensive. I'm not going to go into a huge rant, but why so much female fanservice? Why not a little man-fanservice in an anime, eh? (Please keep in mind I am a girl) A guy would feel awkward seeing, say man-ass, in an anime, but it's the same for girls. I'll watch an anime and feel really awkward with boobs jumping around. It's PE class all over again. 
Now if fanservice is worked in so that I don't mind it, fantastic! Akira did a good job of that. I barely remember the boobs, and I loved it. Neon Genesis Evangelion had a lot of fanservice, but it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I found that in some ways it made the anime a bit deeper. More thoughts on human nature. But currently, I'll stop watching an anime because I don't feel comfortable any more.
It's hard to find a new anime these days. So many of them make me feel way too uncomfortable. I think all the female fanservice is offensive and over the top. What do you think? 
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